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‘What’s Wrong With Dark Babies?’ Vera Sidika Slams Fan For Claiming She’ll Only Give Birth To Dark Skin Babies

April 08, 2021 at 09:22
'What's Wrong With Dark Babies?' Vera Sidika Slams Fan For Claiming She'll Only Give Birth To Dark Skin Babies

Vera Sidika bleaching her skin got many people debating on how her children will look like. The socialite has been under social media pressure to have her own baby; with most terming her as old enough. The 31 year old has over the years been rumoured to be pregnant but she proves everyone wrong every time. Photos of her pregnant also emerge over and over but she claims they’re all photoshopped.

Vera Vs Her Fan

The socialite and entrepreneur claimed that she’ll only get a baby with the right man; which posed the question of whether Brown Mauzo is the right man for her. Because of her bleached skin, most people are eagerly waiting to see if her child would be dark or light skin. After posting cute babies with their dads on her Insta story, one of her fans advised her to get a baby with a ‘mzungu’ or else the kid would turn out to be dark.

”Itabidi uzae na mzungu ama mwarabu upate ka pointy but uyo Brown Mauzo utashtukia mtoto amepata rangi ya ma ancestor ametoka dark.”

Vera Sidika could not keep calm about this as she wrote back,

”And what’s wrong with dark babies? Are they not human?”

She added,

”It’s very unfortunate whenever someone writes; oh our baby will be dark oh he/she won’t be cute cos he/she will be dark. Wtf! So y’all mean dark babies ain’t cute? It gets me sick to my damn stomach.”

Honestly speaking, dark babies are cute. This shouldn’t be such a big deal.





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