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Who did it better? Celebrities show off their shoes on the trend #DareTheUknown

July 27, 2018 at 12:45
Who did it better? Celebrities show off their shoes on the trend #DareTheUknown

Kenyan celebrities and netizens at large are using #DareTheUknown to show off a new shoe brand that is taking over by storm.

The celebs are competing to show off Palladium shoes – a timeless shoe brand that launched in Kenya on 6th July 2018. Palladium is a worldwide gem that is worn by style conscious individuals looking forward to dare the urban jungle.

Excitement galore

The shoe brand is exclusively being sold at Bata stores throughout the country. Palladium shoes were received with great excitement with a set of creatives and fashionistas taking time to sample and interact with the brand through the #DareTheUnknown, which became an instant online sensation just like in many other parts of the world.

“Bata is proud to have collaborated with some of Kenya’s influential and leading creative minds to showcase #Daretheunknown collection which is in select Bata stores in Nairobi.

“This collection and marketing communication goes hand in hand with the global brand manifesto Me & Comfortable with it which Bata pays tribute to healthy self-confidence to our customers through footwear. Palladium is one of those brands enhances this communication through a customer’s shoe game,” said Keziah Kabutu -Advertising Manager at Bata Kenya.

Have a look at some of the posts made by the select influential personalities:

Fashion blogger Diana Machira –

Lucia Musau-

So @batakenya challenged me to #DareTheUknown and this post means your challenge is accepted! My entire life is about daring the unknown! 5 years ago I moved to this city, I felt it was time that I started practicing PR among the Giants. I bet y’all didn’t know my name then…I barely knew anyone either. I trust you know my name and what I do today! Over 10 years ago, I went to Paris for the first time…armed with my map, point to shoot camera and broken French. Since then have explored the world! I am not where I want to be but every day I #daretheunknown. Yesterday I challenged you all to manifest your next destination, when we meet at the airport don’t just tell me that you follow me..tell me you manifested and you are off to #daretheunknown Tag someone and challenge them to #daretheunknown with @batakenya shoes I would like to challenge @vonetteorinda @winnie.odande @fenamenal @silvianjoki @keziah_kabutu @denim_and_cateye @brianbabu @stellahcharles @mwendemacharia @iamladymandy @archietoursandbespokesafaris @wambuimukenyi @sandramwelumutinda @katdera @muthoni.kirumba and all of you! Shoes from @batakenya

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Fena Gatu-

Vonette Orinda-

Winnie Odande –








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