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Who will replace Jalas? Hot 96 FM rebrands after Jalang’o ditched them

July 24, 2018 at 09:00
Who will replace Jalas? Hot 96 FM rebrands after Jalang'o ditched them

Comedian Jalang’o, after just an year and some months working at Hot 96 FM, has ditched the station and moved on to MediaMax where he’s now working alongside Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM.

“Thanks Fam… I got nothing but love for all of you… Hard decision to make but so here we are! A great 1 year 4 months of us. God bless you guys… the struggle continues on my side. Thank you,” Said Jalas after officially leaving the station.

Jeff Koinange, his former host, is now hosting the morning show all alone till they find a person to replace the self proclaimed best comedian in Kenya.

New name

The show, which used to be called “Jeff and Jalas on Hot 96” has now been re-branded to just “Jeff in the morning”. The station has not announced their next move yet.





  1. Even me I’m moving with Jalaas….he used to make show More than hot
    Making people day even if you were not in mood,you could get yourself laughing unexpectedly….
    All the best to Jeff

  2. very sad..hope u wil find another jalas

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