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Why Betty Kyallo and her new man will last long

July 07, 2020 at 22:28
Betty Kyallo has shown Kenyans a different side of herself and they love it

Betty Kyallo has a new man whom she has been flaunting and if indeed he is not just a prop being used to insult our intelligence, then the couple will indeed last a long time yet.

Betty Kyallo repairing relationship with Denis Okari and we love it

Why you ask? Because Betty Kyallo has something that is a hidden trump card of sorts that she did not have in her previous relationships.

betty kyallo

Betty Mutei Kyallo

With her dalliance with Hassan, it is rumoured to have come right at the heels of her relationship and wedding to Denis Okari. Infact, rumour has it that the powerful man paid for their honeymoon but do not quote me, quote me, quote your housegirl.

Anyway, during her relationship with denis Okari, Betty Kyallo was a young girl just at the cusp of her prime. She and Okar had a child but the world was her oyster. And as a result of beauty being its own reward, she caught the eyes of Hassan.

betty kyallo

Sisters, Mercy and Betty Kyallo

That relationship too didn’t last very long as Hassan is married and Betty was said to be angling to be not just the main but the only bean in his githeri. Whatever the case may be, we then saw her with an Indian and a Somali Bae. It is actually a great thing that Ms Kyallo isn’t plagued by prejudices against certain races and ethnicities.

All those relationships ended but I would wager my house that this one, if it is indeed a real relationship will last long. Why you ask? Because Betty has doubtless come to the realization that this is her last hurrah! That’s right, she knows that this is her last best bet at hitting that buzzer-beater.

betty kyallo

So we must celebrate the fact that even her perception of things seems grounded in pragmatism. Betty Kyallo even stated recently that she has been calling her exes to find out what she needs to do to get that ring. Besides that, she has been mending the fences with her ex-husband denis Okari and we can only hope that he has told and taught her a thing or two about marriage.

Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

That would mean that even as she seeks to move her life forward both professionally and in terms of romance, she can only come to the table better prepared. So her smarter head and more grounded self is the type of stuff that almost guarantees that the relationship she is currently flaunting on social media is going to be her longest lasting.

I just hope I haven’t wasted my time typing out these words when all along Betty Kyallo new she was pulling a Zari and “King Bae”.


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