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Why Ezekiel Mutua has banned Diamond’s Kwangwaru in Kenya

March 11, 2019 at 09:09
Why Ezekiel Mutua has banned Diamond's Kwangwaru in Kenya

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua has banned mega hit ‘Kwangaru’  from being performed or listened to by school going children.

The ban, which comes way late, is the first among many to come as KFCB continues to clear the airwaves.

“That song has a bad meaning, we have banned it in schools,” the KFCB stated.

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Mutua warned teachers from allowing students to listen to the song saying it corrupts their minds.

“Dances and discos must be regulated to ensure foreign artistes do not flock to Kenya to erode our values, cultures and tradition. Why do they perform music that has been banned in their countries to Kenya?” he asked.


The KFCB boss stated that he would ask the Ministry of Education to take action against school heads who defy the order.

It will not be business as usual, foreign musicians who are coming to undermine our cultures and values, children are singing for their mothers inama inama even in schools,” Mutua said.

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  2. Mmmh…?

  3. huyu jama kwani aoni muziki za kenya vile ni chafu ama wanaimba upumbavu haiaribu watoto wenu videos zao chafu

  4. I will tell you Kenyan politicians and every head of whatever offices for regulating whatever contents that you think is not unethical or morally conciding with what you deem right.Go ahead with your business of stealing public funds and let us listen to our great music.

  5. Huu wa ‘kwangwaru’ haujawahi kufungiwa hapa Tz,na uchafu wa lyrics zake ni mdogo ukilinganisha na nyimbo nyingine mfano ‘iokote”sema tu kwa kuwa umukuwa hit song hasa kwa watoto ndio inamsumbua mutua

  6. This song is almost 1 year old….has he just heard it??

  7. […] Why Ezekiel Mutua has banned Diamond’s Kwangwaru in Kenya […]

  8. Is OK bt its too late,song ixhahit na imeingia kwa wanafunzi sana, No way the can change

  9. Sawa mutua hata ishakuwa tbt we still have Paraná we, tetema n many more to listen to.

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