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Why Kenyans are fascinated with Joan Kubai and her house

July 08, 2020 at 11:07
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Kenyans seem to be fixated on Joan Kubai and it is making for a hilarious time spent online with many not only attacking her and her family but also justifying their fascination with the young girl.

Videos of Joan Kubai and sister begging Kenyans to pull down virtual house tour sparks wild reactions

For those of you who have been living under some rock in the bundus and only managed to come back to civilisation and get online after Uhuru Kenyatta eased restrictions on inter-county travel following the Covid-19 mandated ban, Joan is a young girl who gave her Snapchat followers a tour of her house.

joan kubai

When Ms Joan Kubai gave Kenyans that all-access tour of her parent’s house, she inadvertently opened the door not only for her followers but for KRA and everyone else who saw the video once it had been shared.

Joan Kubai’s house tour of parents’ swanky mansion that has left Kenyans speechless (Video)

As a result, she has opened up her family to a world of hurt due to KRA scrutiny coupled with EACC investigations along with the opinions of every Kenyan online.

joan kubai

It is also interesting to note that Joan Kubai is complaining about the scrutiny she opened herself up to but she still as at the time I sat down to share my opinion with you, had not made her IG account private so you can argue that she is soaking up all this attention.

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Anyway, Kenyans are into this drama because of two reasons:

The first is her surname and the connection whether intentional or not, to the Kenyan freedom fighter Fred Kubai and secondly, it is down to the fact that the family was reportedly mentioned in a dams scandal so kenyans feel cheated.

Joan Kubai shares a surname with Fred Kubai. Fred Kubai was one of the Kapenguria six who became a cabinet minister under the first Kenyan president, Jomo Kenyatta. When he died, he left his estate embroiled in a nasty battle with his beneficiaries fighting for a slice of the cake.

So if indeed Joan was a Kubai from that lineage, it would make sense why they live the way they do. But she has since revealed that she is from a different family lineage. So that angle of intrigue is cut off.

The other angle has been explored at length. Joan Kubai is from parents who were mentioned and adversely so in connection to a corruption scandal. So Kenyans feel like she was showing off their money. As a result, a lot of them feel they are right in expressing their frustrations at the actions of her parents and as a result, she gets to be collateral damage.

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