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Why Maureen Waititu hasn’t been able to move on from Frankie Just Gym It

May 31, 2020 at 14:03
maureen waititu

Maureen Waititu had the privilege of dating a guy who’s the quintessential Wafula Thundercock. His name is Frankie Just Gym It and he was the veritable Adonis. When they were together, Maureen Waititu would wash our social media timelines with photos and videos of them and their private family lives.

Maureen Waititu on anti-depressants to contain her mental health

Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym it featured on everyone’s mental model of “couple goals”. They would work out together, they had beautiful babies together and they both espoused leading a healthy lifestyle. Allow me to go off on a tangent and explain what a Wafula Thundercock is. This is the type of guy who is six feet tall, has 6 pack abs a six-inch phallus, six-figure income and six hundred horsepower car.

Fans prove that Maureen Waititu´s ex, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are an item

But in the absence of all six, we shall settle for the three that make him qualify as “tall, dark and handsome”. Frankie Just Gym It is the type of lad a lot of women will be willing to risk it all for a night with.

Aye, so somehow, Maureen Waititu ended up with Adonis. And to her credit, after hearing their story, she stuck it out with him when he was just some chump with “potential”. So in that regard, she is a high-value woman. But whatever the case may be, Frankie pulled himself up by his bootstraps and elevated himself from the rest of mankind through hard work at the iron Temple in the Glorious House of Gains.

¨He was what I needed at that point in my life¨ Maureen Waititu does not regret falling in love with ex, Frankie

Last year, however, we were inundated with rumours that the pair had stopped seeing eye-to-eye with each other. The rumours persisted and eventually, it was confirmed that they had indeed broken up. The heavens broke asunder and the trumpets of the end of days began to trumpet, foretelling impending doom. And since then, Maureen Waititu has sung us the song of her broken heart. Really, Maureen Waititu has been crying on social media, first about love lost, then about being hurt and now she is telling us mixed rubbish about being strong and independent as she posts erotic photos meant to signal her sexual availability…

Maureen Waititu thirst trap

Good for her, she is getting ready to dive back into the sexual market place… Good luck with that. The biggest issue she will face is the fact that she hasn’t really gotten over her ex. And how do we know you ask? Because of the following factors.

¨The breakup was so tough, I sought mental therapy¨ Maureen Waititu opens up

#1. She is aware he is the ultimate dominant man she will get

Maurenn Waititu's ex Frankie Just Gym It

We could lie to each other about the amount but what we will not debate is the fact that whenever Frankie Just Gym It walks into a room, he is immediately the guy everyone notices. He dominates the room. And the women in that room cream their pants.

#2. Frankie Just Gym didn’t give her the satisfaction of seeing him pine for her

Maureen Waititu thirt trapping hard

Frankie Just Gym It didn’t mourn nor moan about the end of their marriage like Maureen Waititu did. Maureen Waititu has been bitching about being a single mother, being single after so many years of marriage and she even went as far as to complain about Frankie Just Gym It getting a lot of female attention like he can control the actions of others. Then she complained that he never attempted to make her feel secure about their relationship although his mental model should be build around her…

#3. Maureen Waititu knows Frankie has already moved on (hit it and quit it)

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie Just Gym It during the quarantine

Remember seeing photos of Frankie Just Gym It chilling with popular socialite trollop Corazon Kwamboka? Aye, Maureen Waititu saw the photos too and guess what went through her mind? The fact that Frankie Just Gym It is already enjoying the freedom he has been gifted and he is bathing in female attention. In truth, who can blame him? Beauty is it’s own reward and his physique built by hard work and dedication is adored by women for simply being. All we can hope is for him not to be attempting the stupid task of domesticating this night nympho.

#4. Maureen Waititu knows she will not be the centre of attention and envy again

maureen waititu wonder woman

When Maureen Waititu would make an appearance while clutching on Frankie Just Gym It’s hands, she knew she was the envy of almost all of the women in attendance. She was often the only woman with a truly attractive, Wasfula Thundercock husband. Unless she lands such a physical specimen again, it is unlikely;y that she will find herself in so enviable a position. Mother Nature is kind to her daughter but Father Time isn’t and with time, it will become more and more difficult for her to maintain her own physical beauty thus decreasing the possibility of landing such a high-value mate.

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