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Why Timmy TDat struggles to maintain relevance despite his hits

May 06, 2020 at 12:07
Timmy TDat cover

Timmy TDat is one of the most entertaining artists Kenya has produced. He has a slew of hits and his performances are generally energetic. he is one of the artists who can be described as a character. he is charismatic, talented and passionate about his craft.

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He is also from a rare school of thought within the Kenyan landscape in that he is not the type of guy to shy away from doing anything and everything to push his career forward and keep his name in the limelight.
Unfortunately for Timmy Dat, this in and of itself is a double edged sword that can very easily backfire on you if not carefully watched.

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat

You see, in any market, the most colourful wares are the most eye-catching. Unfortunately too, these are what are usually saturated in any market as most vendors have realized this fact. So what is left to differentiate you from a whole host of colourful acts and wares?

That is the question Timmy TDat is faced with and one that he has struggled to answer. The Kasabuni rapper is always eager to do whatever it takes to court attention. Unfortunately, this can be a problematic tactic for anyone without a thoroughly thought out strategy and a cultivated understanding of the audience.

That is why whenever Timmy TDat trends, it is because of some outrageous antics he has undertaken that have caused him no small measure of agony.
Going back to what I had said early to illustrate the point; when he hits the stage, more often than not, what many people remember about his performance is the erotic nature of his performance once he invites a lass onto the stage to dance with him.

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree

When that isn’t why he is trending, it is down to the fact that he is dating such-and-such and they have been caught up in some new drama because her home government has taken exception to her conduct. That was the case when Timmy TDat was dating Rosa Ree. The Tanzanian government through BASATA, their morality police descended on her for her lewd behaviour.

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And what about the music? It is great and Timmy TDat has a slew of bangers but the music is often overshadowed by the tabloid fodder. And therein lies the problem. Timmy has programmed his fanbase to hunger for scandals more than he has for his hits. As a result, whenever Timmy TDat releases new music and it doesn’t feature erotic scenes, he struggles to get eyeballs to watch the video. That is why when he releases music and there is no fanfare of gossip surrounding him, he struggles for relevancy.

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As a result, Timmy TDat has boxed himself into a corner that forces him to always court controversy for relevancy whenever beyond the content of his music and the fact that he has released bangers. Sure it is a bold strategy but for him to actually make it work beyond typecasting him in the role of the harlequin, he has to match it with a constant slew of hits that overshadow the buffoonery.  And that, that will be a tall order indeed. He needs to get back to releasing radio hits.


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