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Why you keep dating the wrong partners

August 12, 2020 at 19:48
Why you keep dating the wrong partners

Dating has become a full time job! We can’t argue about this because just like a normal job, a relationship needs one to put in some effort, sacrifice, make wise decisions and above all invest not only money but time in it!

Trust me this is no walk in the park especially with modern dating that is proving to be quite hard for many. Anyway below are just a few reasons to help you understand why you keep attracting the wrong people in your life!

Happy Couple

Living a lie

The problem with people from this generation is that they fear being themselves. This may lead to creating an imaginary person who ends up showing their true colors when you least expect it. Portraying yourself as someone you’re clearly not also contributes to attracting the wrong people too.

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Self doubt

When a woman or man shows no confidence in themselves, they then become easy targets for heartbreaks. Self doubt is just another way of setting yourself for failure which eventually happens especially in toxic relationships. Most people will tell you that confidence is attractive and all I can say is believe them!

Emotionally unavailable

When you link up with a person who only thinks about themselves, then there is no way the relationship will work! Someone who truly values you will not only consider your feelings but also put in effort to correct whatever may seem off. But when you go in as the understanding love doctor with excuses of why you deserve a distant person, then it all turns sour!

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If you are the type to move on quickly before evaluating or working on yourself after a toxic relationship, then it’s easy to attract someone preying on an easy catch hence ending up with the wrong partner.

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Picking a partner means kissing a few frogs here and there before meeting the right person! However when a person throws themselves in the dating pool looking for perfection, they end up walking out single and frustrated. Yes, looking for perfection isn’t a bad idea however what matters is letting a person prove themselves before making drastic decisions!


The bad thing about dating is that chances of meeting pretenders are quite high; and if desperate for marriage, then it’s easy to end up making the wrong choices which end up tying you down for life.




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