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Why Zari was banned from visiting the United States

September 27, 2018 at 12:06
Why Zari was banned from visiting the United States

Word has it that Zari Hassan is now banned from visiting the United Kingdom. Apparently this is after her last trip where she was held at customs for 16 hours after producing fake government documents.

According to reports Zari has since been blaming Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi for sabotaging her trip to the UK. Judging from several snapchat posts shared by Zari it was also evident that the bosslady was unhappy with Mange.

She went on to call her an illegal immigrant living the United States adding more fuel to her fight with Mange.

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Mange exposes Zari and Ivan

As expected Mange did not sit back and watch Zari insult her. She first went on to share a photo of her green card proving that she was legally living in the United States.

Mange Kimambi throwing shade at Zari

Mange went on to reveal the reason why Zari never travels to the US even for leisure. Apparently she was linked to dealing drugs with Ivan which affected  their travel to the United States.

Not quite sure how true the accusations are but we haven’t yet seen Zari jet to the states, could there be a problem?



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  1. It makes sense, US has strict rules

  2. So what woman do u and move on. Green card Ma d.. K

  3. If you have an ounce of sense in you, you can tell that the copy of Green Card that Mange posted is fake. Which green card has a validity of beyond 10 years? If Mange isn’t careful, her filthy mouth will soon land her in trouble. She clearly forged a government document and posted it online.

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