Wife to Bahati’s former manager reveals more ugly details about Bahati: He’s broke and a pretender 

March 13, 2019 at 09:17
Wife to Bahati's former manager reveals more ugly details about Bahati: He's broke and a pretender 

More trouble for singer Bahati who has been having a tough week after friends, who have now switched to enemies, ganged up to throw dirt on his name.

Mr Seed’s wife Nimo, started the week by exposing the ugly side of Bahati, saying that he conned her hubby.

Bahati took to his platform to share several videos with a lady who crossed several counties to get to Nairobi so that she can get a chance to show her skills to Bahati hoping to get signed.

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Bahati explained that a reason why he doesn’t like helping upcoming artists nowadays is because they are very ungrateful.


Wife to Gospel singer Bahati’s former manager Mtutua tuks however, has called Bahati a scam, saying the singer is as fake as they come and not close to the person he portrays to be.

Brenda Mvungi took to social media to defend her hubby saying that Bahati has always ran to him when he was broke but has never paid him.

“Am not here to talk about any msanii am here to talk about the truth na natetea my husband @mutuatukshe is very humble helpful hardworking soo inaniuma kuona how people can pretend nkt ….we we @bahatikenya ukijua umesota unashindanga kwangu kutafuta mutua ndio akupatie strategies za kupata sponsors na doh tena when Mutua umekuwa ukimkujia kila November when you know show yako iko December ndio akuhelp with great ideas coz everyone knows how yeye ni poa na ideas na deals…” read one of her posts.

She added:

“Mutua alikuchukua ukiwa class three ukaenda kuishi nao kwao huruma …and they took you in as one of them soo stop talking about ungratefulness coz pia wewe wazazi and people walikusadia and discovered you haujawai waheshimu hata kidogo. Kazi yako ni kudisrespect watu ukisemanga unawasaidia….Si after Mutua amekumanage ukapata jina ulimfukuza na ukachukua doh yote na ukamwambia utamrudisha mathare place alitoka but since Mutua ni mpole akakusamehea …but jua am here for him am his helper am his rib so ukipreach your fake ungratefulness sermon jirudie kwanza. Mutua ako na mtetezi Si kama io time he was alone I love him and I can die for him ….na io tabia ya ukikosana na MTU unaanza kumuongelelea vile yeye ndio mbaya ndio watu wakuhurumie uacheeeeeeeeee..” read Ms. Brenda’s other posts.




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