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Wild reactions as Diamond’s baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto features in Ali Kiba’s new jam [Watch]

April 08, 2020 at 13:40
Wild reactions as Diamond's baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto features in Ali Kiba's new jam [Watch]

Diamond’s Bongo Flava archenemy, Ali Kiba has taken their beef a notch higher after featuring the former’s baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto in his new track ‘Dodo’.

King Kiba and Mobetto have kept their new project on the low since the tune’s inception, to its shooting, till its release today, the 8th of April.

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Mobetto, who is Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama seems to worry less about taking sides, as long as that translates into a fatter bank account.

Hamisa Mobetto


‘Dodo’ as the song’s title goes, features Hamisa as the Queen to her King, Ali Kiba.

Kiba coddles the dashing model with sweet words, before they officially become an item.

Ali Kiba and Hamisa Mobetto

Thereafter, songs and majestic dancing engulf the place as people dine and wine, celebrating the moment.

A sensual video with some romantic scenes that the audience does not get a privilege to witness.

Song’s reception

Something key to note is fans’ response in regard to the song’s video.

Masses have praised the ‘couple’ for not only creating a decent film but also, for effectively delivering the message without going extra sexually.

Kila kitu kipo ON POINT uko vizuri. Jamaaa tusiokuwa na team tunainjoi muziki wote.

Dah! Hii nyimbo imetulia sana sana. Nyimbo hii unaweza ukaisikiliza na mke pembeni na kuiangalia ukiwa na watoto pia. Imezingatia maadili.

Hakuna ngono wala maneno machafu. Hakuna mavazi machafu. Mazingira syo ya ushetani. Miondoko ya uchezaji syo ya kiushetani… Seriously I can listen and watching this video with my kids. Mashalla 🥰 🥰🥰 🥰🥰 🥰… Beautifully everything ever.. Ali we nouma kweli …

Ali Kiba features Hamisa Mobetto in new track ‘Dodo’

With fans admitting that this is indeed one song they can watch and listen to not just with their spouses but with their children as well.

From the voice, to the song’s lyrics, to the general setting, ‘Dodo’ jam has won the hearts of many.


On the comment section, fans believe this is going to be a major blow to Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz, as they crowned Ali Kiba ‘The King of Bongo Flava in Tanzania and East Africa’ at large.

Diamond sidhani ata-recover after this..

Hii ndo ngoma iliyoonyesha uhalisia kuwa he is a real King ….

Mr King there is no artist like you in tz and east africa you’re the best

King Kiba

For many, this was a brave step in uniting Tanzanians as one.


This comes just when we thought Diamond and Hamisa were planning a reunion.




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