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“I will not strip to make you happy” pregnant Avril tells off fan after jumping in the pool fully dressed

January 26, 2018 at 11:13
"I will not strip to make you happy" pregnant Avril tells off fan after jumping in the pool fully dressed

Singer Avril is doing everything in her power to hide her grown bump but oh well, she must have her reason. At 5 months, many have already spotted it but fans on her Instagram might only see it when she decided to openly flaunt it.

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Lately she prefers stepping out dressed in big T shirts and she seems to have taken things to a different level. Now that she is in coast, Avril will not be sharing any photos dressed in swimming costumes or bikinis.

Singer swimming in Dashiki

Avril tells go fan

She recently shared a photo taking a swim and surprisingly the singer looks fully dressed. It seems that she chose to cover herself with her Dashiki shirt but not many were happy. One of her fans left a comment saying;

Well, judging from Avril’s response seems that the lady was not ready to wake up to such vibe. The two went on commenting and for a minute Avril’s showed off her claws as she told the guy;

Well if the fan only knew what was happening, he stay on his lane; the singer at this moment has no moods!





  1. Pregnancy comes with moods

  2. She needs to take it slow,the guy was not after all saying in bad intent

  3. Why is she angry like that

  4. Ni mood swing za ball

  5. After denying,we can now see the results

  6. Susan wangeci : January 26, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    Leave avril alone it’s her pregnancy sio yenu and if she is hiding it she has a good reason for doing so

  7. Kwani Avril hajawai zaa ama ni mimi ndio naamka

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