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Willy Paul demands DCI to arrest MCSK for stealing millions from Kenyan artists

August 15, 2019 at 12:13
Willy Paul demands DCI to arrest MCSK for stealing millions from Kenyan artists

After Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka, Fena Gitu among other artists came out to bash MCSK for stealing millions of shillings from Kenyan artists… Willy Paul also seems to feel the same.

Through his Instagram page, the controversial artist went on to call out the MCSK after they sent him Ksh 4000 that can’t do anything for him.

According to the singer, he spends millions on his videos only to receive peanuts as Royalties from MCSK who steal from them and enrich themselves. In the video shared on Instagram page, Willy Paul went on to say;

Willy Paul ranting

This time hatuwaachi. You must give us our money!!! We don’t work so hard for you people to pocket our money. Naona watu wananunua magari wanaendesha balls an ovaries zao hapa!! Give us our money. It’s time for some respect!!! We have families that are looking up to us;

DCI to step in

Since it seems that this has been happening for quite a while, Willy Paul went ahead to ask the DCI to investigate MCSK who keep robbing them.

Kenyan musicians need your help DCI! We tried fighting this thing from within. Nonini resigned from directorship at PRISK juu watu lazima wakule na hawataki ‘New age  solutions’ like digital monitoring. No accountability, Transparency and Blantant disregard of the law is the order of the day. Joint collection has been a fight. Fellow artists I know who are fighting the good fight in there where it matters (Boardrooms et al have received all sorts of threats including death) the force is bigger than meets the eye. Kuna ma biggie wanakula pesa ya wasanii bila uoga. If broadcasters complied today there would be chaos because the same culprits keep rotating amongst these CMO’S leadership…4B is roughly the figure the broadcasters are the figure the broadcasters are holding annually. 700M is what we are seeing floating around now. There is almost 1B unaccounted for. Surely DCI should be in these offices right now. Something has to give. We did it with #Playkemusic switch up to both #Playkemusic and #payforKemusic do not relent!




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