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Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

November 24, 2020 at 14:32
Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

Willy Paul recently took time off to visit Mathare slums and the scenes that unfolded remain to be told.

The gospel artiste is sure an interesting guy, having headed to the slums under heavy security, for reasons best known to him.

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The journey

It starts with a ride from Kenyas capital in a fleet of cars with the Mercedes he was riding in, leading the pack.

Lights on and beaming, youd easily mistake this for a politician’s escort. 

Willy Paul looking dapper

As he now nears the informal settlement, boda boda riders were already on their marks. You’d think they had been given prior notice about his arrival.

Horns hooting, the crowd slowly gathering, public service vehicles trying to find their way out of the mess, it was all but commotion.

Boda boda riders took time off their hustle to get ahead of the fleet, clearing the way for the popular artiste whose visit to the slum area was golden to its residents.

Willy Paul’s visit to Mathare slums

Until he arrives at the scene, with residents each fighting to get a hold of what Pozze was dishing out.

Some walked away with notes of cash. Others armed themselves with free masks while a section that was not able to get through to him, walked away empty-handed.

It nearly turned into a fight, forcing his security personnel to rush to the scene and secure the artist to safety.

Willy Pozze under heavy security

It got to a point that police sirens had to be put on to scare the gathering crowd away. Going deep into the slum area, with kids turning up in huge numbers, some just to see the artist, others hoping to walk away with something small.

His security team was ever on the run, having sometimes to splash into the muddy pool waters to move the crowd away from the musicians car.

Either way, residents who were able to make it to the scene and grab themselves one or two, live to remember the day.





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