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Willy Paul responds to Hope Kid’s request for him to sing true gospel songs

November 15, 2018 at 07:50
Willy Paul responds to Hope Kid's request for him to sing true gospel songs

Gospel singer Hope Kid called on Willy Paul to go back to singing true gospel songs like ‘Sitolia’. He openly spoke his mind about Pozee singing secular and gospel songs at the same time.

Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Hope Kid sent out a request to Willy Paul urging him to stop being a jack of all trades in matters music.

“The reason why God alishine the light upon your life is because he saw something in you na aliashine hiyo light ukifanya kazi yake, sio hii kazi ingine. So if you can go back to the first love, sisi kama Wakristo utuimbie wimbo ingine kama sitolia tutashukuru sana. Hio ni kilio ya every Christian. So mimi naambia tu Pozee kindugu, Pozee, imba zile nyimbo za Yesu zile zenyewe,” said Hope Kid.

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Stopping at nothing

Willy Paul has failed to heed Hope Kid’s request. The controversial gospel singer took to social media to respond to Hope Kid’s request, he told him off.

“Their fear!! I’m stopping at nothing.. you hear me???,” wrote Willy Paul.

Willy is set to drop a collabo featuring bad gyal Cecile.




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