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Willy Paul Threatens To End Eric Omondi’s Life After He Criticized His Music Video (Screenshot)

November 22, 2021 at 13:14
Willy Paul Threatens To End Eric Omondi's Life After He Criticized His Music Video (Screenshot)

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The beef between Eric Omondi and Willy Paul is becoming worse with each passing day. Their recent online beef was ignited by the duo’s protégé, Miss P; who was also at the center of it all. Miss P was a former signee of Saldido; which is owned by Willy Paul.

She ditched the label and recently started using Eric Omondi to push her musical career and projects.

On the flipside, Willy Paul went ahead to replace Miss P with another signee; her moniker being Queen P. Both Eric and Miss P were displeased by the similarity in the names; with the jester maintaining that Miss P is ‘the real P’.

Willy Paul never hesitated in scolding Eric Omondi over the latter.

After Pozee’s latest music release, Eric Omondi weighed in on the creativity of the video and wrote on his Instagram;

”Ngoma kali sanaa but kitu tu ume lack ni ORIGINALITY Bro, CREATIVITY pia iko down Kiasi but EFFORT iko👍👍👍. Alafu just the way there will only be one Willy Paul, there can ONLY be ONE ‘P’ change jina ya Msanii Buda. Lakini kazi poa”

Willy Paul clapped back with a warning message that he’ll end Eric’s life when they meet;

” Wewe ni umbwa malaya kubwa sijawai ona. Wachana na sisi. Don’t even post our s**t!! Matako wewe… The song pressure will do good with or without ur support. Check YouTube uone vile kunaenda nikuacha sana ukanizoea. Please keep off my lane. I’ve always respected you… Tusipatane coz I might just end ur life!!…”

This happens when Eric Omondi is on the verge of pushing for a 75% play of Kenyan content to Parliament. But this kind of warning to him should definitely not be taken lightly.

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