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Willy Paul throws shade at single Sanaipei Tande, reveals why she still can’t bag a husband

November 25, 2021 at 14:50
Willy Paul throws shade at single Sanaipei Tande, reveals why she still can’t bag a husband

So Willy Paul is really mad at Sanaipei Tande who recently revealed that she cannot work with the guy. According to Pozee, he feels that Sanaipei has bad attitude and is full of pride; hence her single life at her age.

Pozee’s angry post comes days after Sanaipei Tande opened up to reveal that she can’t work with Willy Paul due to obvious reasons. Probably to her, the singer is controversial, full of drama and the fact that he has been accused of abusing women makes it even harder for her to work on a project with him.

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Sanaipei Tande

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However having across the interview done on Mseto East Africa, Willy Paul on the other hand issued a detailed post where he wrote;

THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE NDIO INAFANYA MABWANA WANATOROKA..Yaani huyu Dada Sanaipe.. I grew up listen to her, she was among the top kwa list yangu ya favorites but leo ndio hii interview yake imenifikia nikaumia sana. Being someone’s fan almost maisha yangu yote alafu hivi ndio mtu anaongea?

I know I’m not perfect-Willy Paul

Of course being young and troublesome – Pozee says he is aware that he has a bad reputation; but in his defense – this doesn’t entirely mean he is a bad person. He went on to write;

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Yes I’m not perfect but wewe sijawai kukosea ata siku moja coz sikujui ivo.. when I saw this clip nimeona kama kuna alot of hatred kutoka kwako. What wrong have I ever done to you? I’ve worked with the best female artists in the world na hawajawai kuwa na kiburi kama hii yako my sister. I’ve worked with alaine, nandy, size 8 etc na wote ni wakubwa kukushinda but hawajawai kuwa ivi jameni.

You’re full of yourself – Pozee to Sanaipei Tande

Stating his reasons for approaching her to feature on his latest album, Willy Paul said;

Walai Nilitaka tu a taste of ur voice kwa #THEAFRICANEXPERIENCEALBUM because I believe I you’re talented vibaya sana. You’re one of the best nimeona so far. Always thought ukona roho safi kumbe iko ivi? Now you’ve missed out on the biggest album.. kila mtu mwenye ako hapo ni bigger than you. But I still wanted to have you hapo aki 😢 Wasanii wakenya tukiendelea ivi tutazidi kulia ati mara ooh play Ke music ooh hatuchezwi ooh nyonyonyonyo ooh nyoforithopieko!

And there you have it! New beef in town.




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