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Wondering David on ‘Zunguka’, what a wonder

August 20, 2019 at 08:30
David Wonder has a new jam Zunguka

Wondering David is back with a new single dubbed ‘Zunguka’. Zunguka is a gospel song. The gospel artist has been trying to keep the gospel going. This is an industry that Kenyans have not given a 100% support.  David Wonder is talented even after he left EMB records for Safri records.

Zunguka talks about how he wondered before finding God. On a light note, could this be the origin of the name David Wonder? Although the industry has a lot of scandals, this dude is talented. First, the message in the song is very clear. It is an easy song to grasp. I can assure you that by the end of 2 days you will have the chorus on your fingertips.

David Wonder Zunguka

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What is the song ‘Zunguka’ about?

There are lines that you are going to like. To start with the introduction stanza goes like;  Oooh nilizunguka Zunguka yeah yeah  Kabla sijakupata  Nilizunguka yeah yeah.

Wacha na ijulikane Mungu wangu anaishi Tangu si tupatane Sijawai kosa dishi. Also in this stanza it shows that God is the provider in his life. Sijawai Kosa dishi simply means he has never lacked food.

To add on that, there is this stanza which brings out a typical hustle. He talks about how one has to bribe officials to get a job. Am sure Kenyans are not new to this; Kupata kazi kwa ofisi Lazima uhonge mafisi Na binadamu hawaridhiki Lakini kwako kwako kwako.

Also there is stanza he talks about he he had to survive. This is the life most Kenyans are living; Sometimes ata nakosa  Kuwekea skuma kitunguu Na mengine sitasema Nitawahadithia wajukuu.

Wondering David
Relevance of the song

With no doubt, this song explains the kind of tribulations most Kenyans go through. It comes at a time when joblessness is key and people going to bed hungry. It could not have been said better. In conclusion, the song zunguka is good. Wondering David gets a rating of 6/10 on this one.

Below is a link to the video.





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