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Work hard, play smart! Mbogi Genje shows off their newly acquired mansion in Nairobi’s suburb area

October 27, 2020 at 19:56
Work hard, play smart! Mbogi Genje shows off their newly acquired mansion in Nairobi's suburb area

Mbogi Genje is a group that changed the Gengetone vibe. For some reason, Kenyans remains impressed with their hardcore vibe seen as seen in their music.

We also can’t forget deep sheng their spit in their bars and although many of us continue to struggle in understanding; truth  is they took over the entertainment industry.

So far they have worked with the likes of Bahati Mejja, Xray among others but still nothing matches their solo projects.

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Working with other celebrities has however brought in good money as they group is said to have bought a mansion located in one of Nairobi suburb area. Although we cannot confirm this without a papers proving the house belongs to the boys; lets just assume that they could be renting it for now.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking

Mbogi Genje

From Umoja to the suburbs

The news shared by a popular Instagram news outlet has left most of their fans congratulating the boys for new money moves as announced on social media.

According to the tabloid the boys will soon be moving into the new mansion; but right before that, they have decided to give fans a tour of their home.

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Judging from the contents in the video, it’s only right to say their new home cost them a couple if millions to purchase; and if renting, then they must be paying hundreds of thousands for rent. It has a few master bedrooms and a jacuzzi in one of the bedrooms.

Well if you doubt this, then checkout the videos shared below courtesy of Nairobi gossip club.




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