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“I have worked hard to build my career!” Vivianne tells off those claiming her music is lacking

March 01, 2018 at 10:23
"I have worked hard to build my career!" Vivianne tells off those claiming her music is lacking

Vivianne has always been open about her humble beginning before she got into music. For those who don’t know, she was a hawker but she managed to rise to where she is now thanks to her voice.

So far she has managed to work with a few top artists and from the look of things, she is not about to stop. Vivianne has been flying high with her Chingi changa song and is expected to release a new song soon.

Anyway, in a new post shared on her Instagram page Vivianne has come out to defend herself from those saying that her music is not good enough. This comes after a certain influential booking agent apparently told her that her music needed some more work to make it better.

“Music is my gift and purpose”

Having faced music producers who tried taking advantage of her, Vivianne is confident that there is possibly no one who can kill her passion for music.

In her statement, the singer clearly challenges herself by taking these criticisms in the most positive way. She wrote saying;





  1. Just because you were a hawker doesn’t mean we should embrace your whackass Songs,hauna talent na tusibishane. Even those who will defend you can’t sing any of your crap. Nyota Ndogo was a house girl who continues to shine through real talent. You’ve made enough to set up a wholesale outlet,music is not for you.

    • Truth be told. These people should not be throwing tantrums when they do mediocre stuff as if they’re automatically entitled to fame.

  2. I love your songs, you got talent

  3. its true, making it in music for women is really difficult

  4. you are going places Vivian

  5. well said

  6. Heh!so hiyo kitu uliambiwa ilikuuma hivyo,is it because it’s true and you know it?Then there is sijui sexual exploitation and objectification,just blanket accusations,no proof provided of such allegations.Then I made it from being a hawker?unataka medal ama?Unataka kuitumia kama excuse mpaka lini ama unataka kuendelea kuitumia forever kama Bahati?Move on,no one really cares about what happened in the past,uko hapa sasa do good music period.

  7. Neema Bi Chibu : March 1, 2018 at 3:56 pm


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