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Xtian Dela reveals the shocking amount raised by men during his Club COVID show! (Video)

June 15, 2020 at 09:50
Xtian Dela reveals the shocking amount raised by men during his Club COVID show! (Video)

Club COVID was one of those shows that kept many entertained on Fridays nights courtesy of Xtian Dela!

The media personality became an internet sensation after launching the IG show aimed at helping raise money; which he said went to struggling video vixens and dancers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic that left most businesses counting losses.

Speaking to Jalang’o Mwenyewe during his latest interview; Xtian went on to say;

Club COVID’s owner Xtian Dela

How Club Covid started… a lot of entertainers lost business, events zilianguka, video vixens, dancers talented people wasanii they all lost their jobs, I know these people and there is nothing as painful as someone calling you in the morning anakwambia umsaidie tuu na 100 shillings juu hajakula the previous day,”

According to Xtian Dela who came up with the show; his intentions about the show were clear but never did he imagine that the event would blow up internationally!

 I kid you not, the first time I started I did not think it was going to be this huge. Mimi nilianzisha show nikaambia watu, okay guys I have these talented guys over here so whatever you want to send them just send. People then started coming out, kiujinga it started growing. There is something about Kenyans and appreciating talent. People started sending more money, someone even sent Sh100,000

Total amount made by Club COVID

When asked by Jalang’o to reveal how much was made during the Club COVID event; Xtian Dela who seemed not to hide anything went on to open up saying;

Club Covid

 So far we have raised a total of Sh5,875,602 and we have paid 576 young talented people.

If indeed the numbers shared by Xtian are true; then I guess he also got to pay himself quite well, but this is a story for another day! And again, the obvious part is that most of this money was not raised by female fans; but of course the sons of Solomon did such a great job!




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