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Xtian Dela’s social media achievements prove we are right, he is the future

September 30, 2020 at 13:51
Xtian Dela's social media achievements prove we are right, he is the future

Guys, Xtiandela had an Instagram Live session that had forty-five thousand people tuned in to it. Granted it was due to his guest, the self-proclaimed two hundred and fifty thousand shilling prostitute Shakilla but this only serves to strengthen and cement what we said a couple of months ago:

Xtian Dela and Edgar Obare are the new digital evolution

And the reason this is huge is that it puts older, more traditional and established media on notice as the future changes not so much because things are going digital but because the new evolution has no room for corporations.

Xtian Dela

And nothing shows this more than the fact that the other highly subscribed IG Live was that of Sauti Sol when they partnered and were “powered by” Safaricom. During that time, they had forty thousand viewers and they had the clout they needed to advertise their concert. On top of that, their content is entirely created by and driven by the talents of the boy-band.

“Boss, mimi ni Kichwa mbaya” Drama as blogger Xtian Dela threatens to expose Ringtone Apoko for his ratchet ways

In contrast, all that Xtian Dela had to do was to wake up, get himself a great Wifi connection and ensure that Shakilla brought her trollop self online. That was something to behold because it was our curiosity that did all the work for him.


Edgar Obare poses for a photo with Xtian Dela outside Kiambu Law Courts

So yes, from what we heard emanating from Lion Place, Xtiandela might be a difficult person to work with but he is brilliant in how he does what he does and he understands social media in a way that could actually make him a millionaire soon enough. And most blogs will struggle to keep up with him. He will simply outpace them both financially and in terms of content.

Victor Wanyama to take legal action against Xtian Dela and socialite Shakilla after mention in alleged s*x scandal

That is the greatest aspect of the internet: it has eradicated barriers to entry into that space and as a result, brilliant minds will take the cake while big media corporations with their clunky inner workings will frustrate themselves out of relevancy.


Xtian Dela born Aurther Mandela

And by the way, I would be remiss not to mention that at the height of his live stream, there were forty-eight thousand individuals tuned in. At some point, marketers will have to wise up to the realization that they will have to sit on such digital real estate that brings in their target audience and Edgar Obare and Xtiandela has exactly what they seek. But with all the inefficiencies and cronyism that occurs in Kenya, we might still have quite some way to go until this becomes a real serious revenue avenue for more individuals.

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