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“Yaani Prezzo kakonda kuliko hata unavyomuona kwenye picha” Amber Lulu talks trash about Prezzo after the breakup

July 06, 2018 at 11:03
"Yaani Prezzo kakonda kuliko hata unavyomuona kwenye picha" Amber Lulu talks trash about Prezzo after the breakup

Amber Lulu’s breakup with Prezzo came after her sex tape leaked. The leaked lungula tape shows Amber Lulu having oral sex with a man identified as Nuh Mziwanda. She later on came out to apologize to Prezzo after the video went viral.

Lulu says the whole incident was an unfortunate accident, she claims she cried the whole night while pleading for forgiveness from Prezzo.

Prezzo however refused to forgive Amber Lulu and they ultimately broke up. Prezzo went on to reignite dalliance with ex flames Noti Flow.

Pencil thin
Amber Lulu

Amber Lulu

It’s now clear that Amber Lulu was obviously heartbroken by Prezzo’s refusal to forgive her. The Tanzanian video vixen talked trash about Prezzo during an interview on Clouds FM.

Amber claims Prezzo is slender than he looks in pictures. She went on to say that her ex was irrelevant in showbiz since people in Tanzania only talk about Prezzo because of his relationship with her.

“Yaani Prezzo kakonda kuliko hata unavyomuona kwenye picha, naona ni stress za kimaisha kwa sababu mimi nimeenda kuperfom juzi juzi Nairobi nimeondoka club nimemuacha Prezzo mpaka asubuhi saa saba za usiku hana direction yoyote.

“Alikuwa ana jina zamani sio sasahivi hata wanavyomchukulia huko Nairobi sio tunavyomchukulia sisi huku Bongo yaani amefulia choka mbaya hayupo kwenye peak tena hata huku tunamuongelea sababu ya Amber,” said Amber Lulu.








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