Yet another K24 news anchor quits

September 14, 2018 at 10:46
Yet another K24 news anchor quits

It seems the mass media movements of employees is still in action as yet another K24 news anchor has called it quits at the MediaMax owned station.

Michelle Morgan recently took to social media to share that she’ll be no longer part of the media house after working at the station for almost two years now.

“Last night was my last bulletin at K24. Its been an awesome experience. Such incredible friendships formed. Onto the next chapter in my life #adventure time” shared Michelle Morhan on  social media.

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Nothing personal

It’s not the first time Morgan has handed in her resignation in a top media house. The sassy presenter has started out at Citizen TV, went to Ebru before joining K24 TV.

“As you know at Citizen TV I did business news which was not really my passion. So I was confined to an area that I was not passionate about. And I expressed a desire to move away from that but there were no opportunities. Although is the most established station, I was unhappy there because I was doing something that was not making me happy.” She said in 2015.

“I resigned as a news anchor at K24 in a very positive light. It was a very amicable separation. In my career as a news anchor, I cultivated love and passion for outdoor activities. It is what I love. I love adrenaline, I love extreme activities and this is the next chapter.” She said on XOA’s YouTube channel.




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