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Yikes! Betty Kyallo suffers embarrassing nipple slip in her bikini, giving netizens wild thoughts (Photos)

January 10, 2022 at 09:02
Yikes! Betty Kyallo suffers embarrassing nipple slip in her bikini, giving netizens wild thoughts (Photos)

So rumor making rounds on social media is that Betty (Berry) Kyallo is currently single after ending things with handsome lawyer, Nick Ndeda. This conclusion was made after the lawyer unfollowed Betty on social media; and in turn – Betty apparently deleted their photos from her Instagram – confirming things may have ended in premium tears.

But being the Betty Kyallo we know – the former news anchor decided to jet into the coast; where she has been living life to the fullest, that is judging from her photos.

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Betty Kyallo vacationing after alleged breakup with Nick Ndeda

So far we know Betty can drink up like a fish and entertain her fans whether in a classy or ratchet way. But mostly depends on what she is sipping on!

Anyway I say this after she shared what many would have considered an embarrassing bikini mishap photo; where her nipple is seen popping out in the open – and guess what she didn’t seem to care.

Flash that flesh

This not being the first time miss Betty Kyallo is flashing some body flesh to her thirsty fans – I’m assuming it’s why she didn’t care to parade her dark nips online.

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Betty suffers nip slip

Also judging from the fact that she didn’t mind parading her fallen angels and some of her rolls means Betty Kyallo’s confidence is just on another level. I mean, once you breastfeed – you’re done for unless you have good doctors somewhere willing fix them ‘baby-feeders‘ for a certain amount; and its doesn’t come cheap.

Anyway, as for now let’s say Betty is enjoying her natural body…but wasn’t she supposed to have lost some Kgs for now especially after all that workout?

Betty Kyallo




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