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“You are now a full grown man…” Bahati adorably celebrates son, Morgan

April 30, 2020 at 12:04
"You are now a full grown man..." Bahati adorably celebrates son, Morgan

Bahati penned an passionate letter to his adopted son, Morgan, acknowledging their past, the downfalls that came with it and still came out alive.

The gospel artist considers Morgan, his first child, though adopted. A son he welcomed under his roof, clothed and took to school, while still unmarried.

How he was able to raise up the kid, none of us can figure out.

Bahati with kids: Mueni, Heaven and Morgan

Anyway, taking to his Instagram page, Bahati spared the day to celebrate son Morgan recalling how far the two have come and are still conquering.

Having taken him into his arms, while still a toddler and he can now proudly call him a ‘grown man’.

God Brought You into my Life When you were barely a Toddler 😊 Now See My Son, I can’t Believe You’re Now Becoming a Full grown Man….

Morgan Bahati


Only God Knows Our Story, Where we are From, What We’ve gone through and where We are Going. I Love You @Morgan_Bahati and I Can’t wait to See you Inspire the World One Day.

As he blessed him:

Happiness & Success are Your Portion in Jesus Name 🙏🙏🙏 #HappyTobeYourDad

Bahati’s son, Morgan


Bahati’s adopted Morgan from ABC Kenya Children home when he was barely 4 years of age.

The gospel kid was at the time, 20 years old but was excited and thrilled to be a young dad and of help to society.

At the time, roughly 5 years ago, up on Facebook, Bahati penned:

Meet the four-year-old Morgan Bahati. It’s my 1st Sunday with my adopted son from ABC Kenya Children Home. I know it’s too early to be a father but just show some love and wish this kid all the best in his Life and has he starts his education.

Bahati adopts son, Morgan

Now meet an all-grown 9-year old Morgan Bahati.


Morgan with Diana Marua




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