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“You are past that!” Fans bash Jua Cali for stooping too low in ‘upcoming’ project with Swat

September 12, 2019 at 09:11
"You are past that!" Fans bash Jua Cali for stooping too low in 'upcoming' project with Swat

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Kenyan hip hop artist, Jua Cali is a voice to reckon with in the Kenyan music industry especially when it comes to his love for ‘Genge’ rap.

His approach to music and his long stay in the industry, makes him a music legend in the local market.

In a recent photo, he is captured alongside upcoming talents, Swat of Ethic and Odi wa Murang’a which has since then gone viral.

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According to netizens, he might be cooking something with the young generation and even though probably his motive is to help them grow, fans believe he is lying too low.

Up on social media, fans have blasted him for the move terming him ‘a failure’ to a level he could stoop so low to remain relevant in the music industry.

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September 12th 'MALIYAUMMA' The 4th Album inatoka….

A post shared by JuaCali (@juacaligenge) on

On his page, Swat captions:

@juacaligenge @odi_wa_muranga

Mixed reactions

Juacali we love you the way you are plus your old school music.Usiende uko please🙆


Juakali, kindly, dont ruin your legacy please. Stay cool. We still love your songs. Let kids play in mud and in rain. You are past that


Grandpa and his grandkids


I don’t think jua Cali with his “watuuuuu” is relevant in the current music scene.


so he has reduced himself to the level of this children

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