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“You are useless, hopeless with no future” Akothee shares most painful statements men told her 

January 02, 2019 at 10:36
"You are useless, hopeless with no future" Akothee shares most painful statements men told her 

We all know Akothee’s rag-to-riches story. And if you still don’t, just know it was a tough time for the singer, then a dancer cum taxi driver, before she landed on her pot of gold.

The self proclaimed president of single mothers recently took to social media to share some of the demeaning things men tell women when they are not interested in them and, it’s really hurtful.

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Doesn’t care about marriage

According to the singer, men told her different hurtful things but they have never broken her spirit. Akothee says that it is liberating that she now feels like she has the decision of  whether to get married or not despite he ugly past.

Here’s what she said:

“WOMEN WE STICK AROUND TOO MUCH ?? what is the most painful statement a man ever told you just for you to understand that its over ????
ME 2006 3 kids (man 1 : you are useless, hopeless with no future, you are just but a form four leaver???????????????? )
Man no.2 in 2009 with 4 kids , (no one can marry you because you have too many children,) “?? but remember his child even increased the number ???
?????? look at me now ,
I even choose whether to get married or not! infact I make the decision , before I cared so much about marriage , now I even wonder if it makes sense or just live with the person who understands , loves me the way I am , marriage is a commitment and a project , put your Ass down ???? and stop rushing our girls with marriage ??? while many are running out of the sane marriage,” she said.







  1. We knew thats what she could say … Aliingiza yote nikiona,, then nikasikia bibi akisema, nimeinua, zama ndani,, katambee sasa.. Read here to see what I did after I found my wife cheating ..

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