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You cannot take Wamlambez from us

August 30, 2019 at 12:27
You cannot take Wamlambez from us

You cannot take Wamlambez from us. To start with, the pretense in this nation is annoying. Music has been made and been out for the longest time and then boom someone wakes up and burns it. Do you know how this hurts? Recently Ezekiel Mutua went ahead to burn some songs that have been in the market for sometime.

First these people need to understand there are no jobs out here. They should know that they are lucky to be sitting in an office and being paid for dictating what we are going to listen to. Wamlambez has been out here for 4 months now. The song has become an anthem to us and we even know the lyrics. Am sure even this guy knows the lyrics.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

We are at a point where we as Kenyans are not looking for content but something that is super exciting for us.

Why we will keep singing Wamlambez

Firstly, this people need to know the energy this kids put in their work. You want to tell me his kids can come up with such? Also, we as Kenyans do not feel offended with what Sailors are saying.

For the longest time now Kenya has been ranked sixth in countries that are most depressed. Wamlambez came at a time when people were killing themselves. In this case the song served as a destruction.

The government frustrations to its people has left no choice but to lead us to the Wamlambez nation. You will not miss to hear this word in your day to day operation.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

It has also become a way to great people. The most funny thing is that even the elderly are responding to it well.

In addition to that, we as Kenyans are okay with our Wamlambez. Our own composition that people are trying to mimic internationally. It is high time this people need to let us be and let this young kids keep making music.

Explicit content has been there for long. If one has been sleeping on their job should not bring us ‘Makasiriko’ when it is too late.

In conclusion Wamlambezz is here to stay. I just wish he knew how cool it at a social function when someone says Wamlambez and the Wamnyonyez response comes through..






  2. You cannot take Wamlambez from us – VIP Celebrities : August 30, 2019 at 3:38 pm


  3. grammar but that is dang true baby

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