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‘You can’t be me: ’Diamond Platnumz former alleged Kenyan sidechick shades Zari for copying her style!

July 05, 2019 at 07:59
‘You can’t be me: ’Diamond Platnumz former alleged Kenyan sidechick shades Zari for copying her style!

Boss lady Zari will not be having it easy now that fan base is starting to fade away after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz.

Word on the streets is that she has not been getting the VIP reception when jetting in Kenya or Tanzania like she did before.

Well now the lady has been dubbed as s copycat with no sense of creativity after stepping out with a new style Zari is said to have allegedly copied from Vivafabrica; the lady her baby daddy (Platnumz) was recently romantically linked to!

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So I rocked this hairstyle few days ago not knowing I inspire some women out here! But how did she end up on my page? Mined on? Lol

Viva’s post

Okay, in terms of who rocked the cornrows first we do agree that Viva was seen with the hairstyle a few days before Zari got hers done. For this reason the Kenyan lady based in Germany now feels that Zari not only copy pasted the hairstyle but also the color of the braids.

Fact that she copied from color to hairstyle😂😂😂😂am just gonna act like it’s a coincidence😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Viva to Zari

Petty online fights?

It is indeed difficult to rule out that Zari copies the hairstyle from Vivafabrica; but what we can confirm is that Zari’s stylists needs to improve to her cornrows game!

Viva to Zari

Lastly, I could be wrong saying this, but I’m I the only one who finds this online fight about hairstyles petty? You be the judge!


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  1. This is so petty, I’m very sure the lady who is just talking about zari don’t how common the said hairstyle

    Saa zingine watu need to master their priorities😤😤😤😤😤😤

  2. Sasa pia hairstyle ni kitu ya kuongelea, know your status and find important things to talk about, it’s okay to be idle but being idle and dumb is another level, don’t confuse me for a Tanzanian hater, 😂am a Kenyan well [email protected] crystal imali wafula

  3. Bianca Dickson : July 5, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    She can’t even be compared to Zari, I don’t even understand why she is complaining about that common dear.

  4. That’s so petty, I think you just wanted to stay relevant and get more followers😂. Kindly up your game.

  5. Zaituni Mrisho : July 6, 2019 at 1:01 am

    Is she the one who started that hairdo in this world ndio aseme eti zari ana copy her?
    Anyway, let me just conclude by saying *Hana lakusema of our role model Zari*

  6. Everything you’re doing u get it from u, we share style and other things, even u, u get it from other place, so that is petty issue which is not supposed to be seen online. Pole!!!

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