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“You can’t compare Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz!” Babu Tale opens up

July 30, 2019 at 09:08
“You can’t compare Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz!” Babu Tale opens up

Word on the streets is that Harmonize might be planning to quit WCB. Judging from how he has drifted away from former best friend and boss….the rumors might just be true.

Anyway in a recent interview done by Babu Tale on Wasafi FM, the manager goes on to laugh off at those comparing Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz.

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Harmonize on board for Lava Lava Saula

According to his point, there is no way the singer can compete with Diamond since all his projects have to go through him.

Harmonize atashindana vipi na Diamond Platnumz wakati Kazi zake zote ni lazima Zipitie kwa Diamond. Kabla hajaachia wimbo uongozi ni lazima upitishe kwanza na Mkataba wa WCB haumkatazi msanii kuondoka. Nikiskia @diamondplatnumz na @harmonize_tz wanashindanishwa huwa nafurahi, Lakini huwa najiuliza Harmonize na yeye ana mawazo kama yangu au na Yeye anajisahau kwenye kushindanishwa?”

Diamond Platnumz threatened by Harmonize?

From the look of things, it appears that Harmonize has been drifting away from Wasafi records.

Unlike before, the artist has not been attending any of Wasafi events and could be looking at a new records which he will be moving to.

Anyway so far he has made a name for himself and even the likes of Wema Sepetu tend to believe that he is way better than Diamond Platnumz. In an interview done a while back Wema Sepetu opened up saying;

Level ya Harmonize inamzidi ya Diamond, siwezi kusema ni kwa kiasi gani lakini inamzidi. Pia bidii zake naona akifika mbali sana.




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