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“You can’t take me anywhere!” Willy Paul threatens upcoming artists after stealing their song

September 13, 2018 at 11:06
"You can't take me anywhere!" Willy Paul threatens upcoming artists after stealing their song

Willy Paul has found himself in yet another scandal. This time he is however being accused of stealing a song bora Uhai from an upcoming group by the name of, Freelancers.

According to reports, the singer ‘sampled’ the song including the title and beats. Speaking to Mpasho, the Freelancers revealed that indeed Pozze had copied their song and had reached out to him.

However being young and still new to the game, they couldn’t get Willy Paul to pull down the copied song. Here is the original bora uhai.

Willy Paul replies

Apparently after talking to the controversial gospel artist, Willy admitted to sampling the song but was sorry for it. He went on to respond saying;

Hahaa. Vijana, you don’t know who you are dealing with. I will sue you for defamation. Furthermore, I am Pozee. I run this. Yes, I sampled your track. Mtafanya?

Well with this kind of attitude, we can now understand why Pozze’s music is getting forgotten by the day. Anyway check out his latest song featuring Khaligraph Jones.





  1. Willy you are a child God what are doing on the other side wata kuchafua by the way did you repent your sins or you just joined church

    • For sure everything he has should know is vanity,asione amepanda ngazi saaana,and I can tell him for sure,he should check out or else! or else!Atakuwa Mac muga

  2. This is the guy I hate the most

  3. Kiburi itakumaliza Willy Paul

  4. What type of human are you….. You run what you lost sheep?… Those guys are out there trying to make it and here you are stealing their show because your name is back in 2004…. Now I see the more your locks grow the brainless you become…. If you run this you could have used your brain to make a hit instead of stealing so that we remember who you are… And the beauty in this is Jesus still loves you… Mr. You better behave like you can think

  5. This is an admission of guilt,they are the ones who should sue Willy

  6. I pity you lost sheep of God. Incase umesahau ,God humbles the proud n uplifts the poor.Do yu even rem wea Yu’ve come from???.. God is watching you Pozze.

  7. Take it from me . You are a good muscian let your behaviour be of a grown up not a kid but of a man you are?

  8. We should never judge but this guy is damn rude…not even a character ya mtu ameokoka though tunajua kila mtu ana shortcomings zake but Pozze is too much

  9. Even Beyonce used to be a member of a church choir and later moved on to secular music and today she proudly displays satanic signs , am worried Willie Paul is headed to the same direction

  10. Try to behave those guys are upcoming BT u stole their song u mean u can’t compose urs okay if u don’t nkow go to Uganda en meet legends like chameleon hatakushow uwache kiburi

  11. Worldly possessions are all he sees now! He will soon be forgotten a true nothing in the cellular world!

  12. Ati stole io ni remix bana do the comparisons Pozeeeee

  13. Poze,,man iyo sio fitty jamaa,,awa ni ma sufferer wa most high unaibia ngoma alafu unawatishia,,,,wee ndo hujui unadeal na nani,,,,,mungu atawalipizia tu,,,,

  14. Why do this to them Pozze??You think unaogopwa pia??Utafanyaaa???I din thought you’re such stupid

  15. This is the guy I hate the most

  16. Willy paul go go go ata hakuna content naona kwa ngoma ya hao vijana yenye wanadai uliwaibia.

  17. #willy Paul ulimaliza kuiba bora uhai sai umeruka kwa #nisamehe ya #king kaloi ua latest song.,i trained u ata kama una jina mimi ni babako kimziki.,ulisample usilie tena-sitolia,.ukachukua mashory-mabinti latest ni #nisamehe tekn it word 2 word.,tukutane kotini ndo utajua haujui,.mpaka siku izi unajiita #king bado tu uongeze kaloi.,nitakunyorosha kotini wewe boy ndo utajua venye kunaendaga.,#king kaloi underground ka pipe za mavi bt still unanifuata #nisamehe wil b th last song u will eva steal niga.,#king kaloi

  18. This is pathetic excuse of a human being…he even gives Christianity a bad name…the man is as ratchet as they come…his fall is comingreal soon…he can’t even see that people don’t want him around…he deludes himself into thinking that it’s normal..he has no self respect and shame…

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