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‘You Must Delete All Social Media Accounts’ Andrew Kibe Explains Qualities Of A Wife Material

July 05, 2021 at 08:46
'You Must Delete All Social Media Accounts' Andrew Kibe Explains Qualities Of A Wife Material

Radio personality Andrew Kibe is known for not filtering his words at any point. At the same time, Andrew has a strangely comical persona. His sentiments, although controversial and straight to the point, are laden with humorous punchlines that we can’t get enough of.

I have a proper wife, but I´ve been single for 4 years - Andrew Kibe makes shocking revelation - Ghafla! Kenya

Kibe’s unique personality has enable him to push on, even after undergoing so much in his career.

From losing a luxurious job at K**s and losing his house and car, Kibe handles his frustrations with a smile.

When it comes to s****l matters, Kibe is never shy in speaking his mind. The same applies when he’s talking about relationships.

And this time, he’s after women. He explains the qualities that a woman should have to be termed as a wife material.

Submission Is Key

Speaking on Y24 on Tips on being more attractive, Kibe explained;

”Wife Material means that, you’re going to cook, you’re going to clean, you’re going to take care of this guy’s needs. Your needs are inconsequential. There’s nothing like compromising a marriage. It is a woman changing to fit a man’s lifestyle, not the other way round.”

However, Kibe dismissed the belief that Wife Material women still exist in the current generation.




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