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“You should thank me, I made you famous” Cyprian Nyakundi tells hot lady photographed with Omar Lali

January 08, 2021 at 10:00
“You should thank me, I made you famous” Cyprian Nyakundi tells hot lady photographed with Omar Lali

Cyprian Nyakundi gave bloggers a field day after sharing a photo of Omar Lali in the company of a stunning beauty. In his his caption, Cyprian clearly made many believe that Lali and the lady, Koko Kamillah are an item; and boy was the male species proud.

Apart from fans congratulating Omar Lali for having an amazing taste in women; others promised to have him over for the 2021 men conference that will go down on the 14th of February.

Omar Lali with ‘friend’

However after the fun and games; Ms Koko who was said to be warning Lali’s bed hit back with a new post; where she denied being Lali’s girlfriend but a long term friend from back in the day….how old is she again? Anyway she wrote;

  So I woke up today to lots of dm’s and WhatsApp messages telling me that I’m trending…. ( for the wrong reasons) some idiot…(@cyprian Nyakundi) took my pic with my old friend Omar Lali and posted it with totally out of context captions….and now I’m enjoying the shit show.

Battle between Cyprian and Koko

Seeing that the rumor he had started was about to die in matters of seconds; Cyprian went on to ask Koko to be grateful to him for having made her famous. Cyprian argued saying;

Instead of her thanking me for making her famous, she resorts to insults. Smh. Socialites are an entitled and thankless lot.


Responding to Cyprian, Koko on the other hand told off the blogger for making it look like she wanted fame. According to Koko, she is already famous to those who matter and not the online audience Cyprian manipulates with his un-researched stories.

She hit back saying;

Relax boy… first of all I am not a socialite. Don’t call me names. Secondly you didn’t make me famous…I was already a very popular   Person where it matters…so please next time relax your bs! Next time calm down your panties when you see potential scandal in a post and verify your facts before you vomit them on social media…made me famous huh




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