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“You sleep with anything in a skirt, you have no class” Eric Omondi tells Willy Paul

November 22, 2021 at 14:19
“You sleep with anything in a skirt, you have no class” Eric Omondi tells Willy Paul

Okay we get it, Willy Paul and Eric Omondi are out to promote their two artists; that is Miss P and Queen P. Of course by now you already know about Miss P, the singer who accused Pozee of using; and dumping her a few months back while signed under Saldido records.

Eric Omondi and Ms P

Well, months after their (Pozee and Miss P’s) nasty fall out – Eric Omondi appears to have stepped in; and is currently helping the young singer build her own brand and music. However judging from how Pozee has been moving, it’s clear to see that he may somehow be against the idea of Eric Omondi helping the young lady.

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So far Willy Pozee has not only accused Eric Omondi of being obsessed with Miss P’s ‘privates’ but also claims that the comedian likes left overs. Wow, the audacity.  Of course with such accusations, what started as a harmless social media troll flipped just like that, making it a personal vendetta.

Eric Omondi calls out Willy Paul for being trashy and classless

Responding to the shade Willy Paul has been throwing his the past few days; Eric Omondi has finally issued a statement addressing the artist and boy is the drama getting out of hand.

Well, according to Eric Omondi – singer Pozee is not in a position to throw shade on who is eating left overs or whatever he said. This is because Pozee is already known for his thirsty ways that have seen him get accused by several ladies of s****l a*****t.

Through their Instagram pages, the two celebrities went on to troll each other saying;

Not quite sure how real the beef is, but from the way these two are moving; things might just get out of hand pretty soon.




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