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“Your days are numbered” DJ Mo warns celebrities using pseudo accounts to tarnish his name

May 19, 2020 at 09:18
"Your days are numbered" DJ Mo warns celebrities using pseudo accounts to tarnish his name

DJ Mo is not ready to watch someone ruin his own image yet it took time to build it to what it is today. The gospel DJ who is married to Size 8 with 2 kids left many tongues wagging on Monday, May 18 2020 with cryptic post!

As seen on the post, DJ Mo talked about certain people who have resulted to using pseudo accounts to abuse him and his family.

Although he did not share much details about this; DJ Mo shared a post on his page revealing that he was now aware of the people handling the page.

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo went on to add that life in the entertainment industry is not about competition but a platform to complement each other. He went on to write saying;

Mr and Mrs Muraya

Keep going until they create pseudo accounts to fight you – but their days are numbered . …. wajanja wameelewa….This industry is small ,Don’t compete ..Complement 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @size8reborn
#themurayas #dinewiththemurayas

Mr Seed and Nimo

This post comes barely a month after Mr Seed and his wife Nimo complained about the same thing. The couple revealed that certain people were abusing their son using a pseudo account.

With this, we honestly don’t think it’s a coincidence; but thanks to DJ Mo the person has now been warned. There are fans who have already started pointing fingers. But we cannot confirm who the accused person is; since there is too much beef in gospel industry  at the moment.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

However with a new reality show from the Muraya’s we might as well fill in the gap; since Kenya only has one reality show from the Kioko’s.

Anyway as for now we wait and see whether DJ Mo will be exposing the people behind the pseudo account; and since it is a federal offence, someone might just end up behind bars!




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