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“You’re a good looking guy and I love you,” a drunk Vera Sidika tells Xtian Dela

April 21, 2020 at 13:57
“You’re a good looking guy and I love you,” a drunk Vera Sidika tells Xtian Dela

Vera Sidika has been acting a bit weird for the past few days and from the look of things; it seems that her unfiltered photos surfaced online showing the real Sidika without all the makeup.

The real Vera Sidika

For some reason she became jumpy all over social media trying to make bloggers think that the photos did not affect her. However many could smell that she was nervous hence the many posts.

Anyway with the photos bringing her some attention; Vera Sidika used this opportunity to come up with her own Instagram Live party. She announced this through her gram letting fans know that she will be hosting a live gig every Tuesday’s!

Vee on Xtiandela

She wrote;

@xtiandela is my homie! Incase I didn’t know 😏He actually insighted me to start a live show btw 😂 sin city & I think he’s a good looking guy 🙊🙈 I even told him this 😋🥰 I love you @xtiandela

Vee’s post

Single Vera Sidika

For a while now the lass has been a single woman after walking out on her Tanzanian Ex lover, Jimmy Chansa.

Vera and ex lover, Jimmy Chansa

According to a post shared by Vera Sidika, we understand that she allegedly left the guy – after he cheated; but Tanzanian fans believe that there is more to the story.

Jimmy Chansa on the other hand has been maintaining his silence; probably since he fears Vera Sidika might expose private things he wouldn’t want the public to know.

Jimmy Chansa

Seeing how she embarrassed Otile Brown, Chansa has said nothing about his past relationship with Vee…but the young man appears to be happier than ever as seen on his Instagram.

Anyway with Chansa friends with the likes of Juma Jux and many others; what did Vera Sidika expect? Cool Kids from Tz are no different from those living in Kenya since money is never a problem for them…and this time around Vera’s cash couldn’t buy her happiness!





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