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Zari and Diamond shut down critics and rumormongers fanning cheating allegations with Tunda

January 19, 2018 at 10:58
Zari and Diamond shut down critics and rumormongers fanning cheating allegations with Tunda

The internet is awash with stories of Diamond and Tunda Sebastian. The Tanzanian superstar is said to be cheating on Zari with Tunda.

Last year it was Hamisa Mobetto who was dominating headlines thanks to her beef with Zari. Now Zari’s marriage is being threatened by Tunda, or is it?

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Diamond is playing the typical playboy and is denying everything just like he did when Mobetto first claimed he fathered her son.

The Tanzanian superstar rubbished the incident in Madale. Diamond is said to have slept with Tunda Sebastian at his Madale home.

“Eti Diamond Madale KaNg’ung’aniwa…. Mxiiiew!?” Diamond sarcastically commented.

Never looked good at 37

Zari shut down critics who were claiming that Diamond is cheating on her with younger woman because of her age. The mother of five asserts that she still looks stunning at her age.





  1. I think Diamond is playing dirty on her so sad

  2. Denial is a very bad disease,hope all will be well

  3. Timothy Wafula : January 19, 2018 at 12:11 pm

    I see the couple breaking up soon,the heat will be too much

  4. Is this love worth all this stress

  5. What a crazy life they live

  6. Crazy life for sure!!!

  7. fake life she is living with this guy diomond but she wont leave if she ddnt get what she want money like what she did to ivan diomond once she marrie tihs woman he wud be broke as hell

  8. A real man doesn’t give in to simple critics. You want it to be yours alone, cut it off and remain with it..otherwise the work should continue!

  9. This cougar should allow the younganga boy to enjoy his age I don’t expect him to behave like a father of 5 ,no fucking around and sampling pussies .He should .when zari was that age was she not even playing with sex toys and the videos are still there .she is a failed porn star .she should let diamond be .

  10. All these games I blame hamisa mobeto……
    mwanamke mngani Na akili zake timamu anaeza lala kwa kitanda ya mke wa mtu?? Na istoshe aache chupi mwenye like chumba??? game yake ilikua kuhalibu tu… Na kudhoofisha moyo wa zari,

  11. I think diamond platinum should try to think deeply about the rumors.. he should stay cool..he hav zari with two children’s of he should settle instead of cheating…because everything he was in need ts there..

  12. Crazy ?Skypip

  13. If its true, then Diamond Platinumz should count his days of fame if Zari gives up on him coz he is followed because of Zari

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