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Zari explains why Diamond Platnumz never visits his daughter, Tiffah

December 27, 2019 at 10:06
Zari explains why Diamond Platnumz never visits his daughter, Tiffah

After their nasty break up on social media, it seems like Diamond Platnumz and Zari no longer see eye to eye and if anything the Tanzanian star has barely seen his children since separating with Zari.

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A while back while speaking to Millard Ayo, Zari says that Diamond Platnumz and his family tried to have her take the children to Tanzania but since this was not her responsibility – the mother of 5 says she decided to hold back.

Seeing that there were no signs of children traveling to Tanzania, Zari says Diamond Platnumz offered to have a ‘friend’ fly in with them but being a cautious mum – Zari refused to hand in her children to a stranger they barely knew or felt comfortable around!

Zari blames Diamond Platnumz ego

Well, one of her fans recently reached out to inquire why Diamond Platnumz no longer flies in to see his daughter, Tiffah.

Judging from how the fan posted her question, one would easily assume that Zari has been holding back from letting Diamond Platnumz see his children; only to realize that he has barely reached out to ask about their whereabouts.

According to Zari, Diamond Platnumz ego is the main reason he has not been seeing his children for almost a year now!

Zari’s comment





  1. Just 4rgv Mondi once again mama t ok.

  2. Demanchae karani : December 27, 2019 at 11:27 pm

    Zari should never give up on her daughter

  3. Zari has only one daughter among sons. She can’t honestly let them go easily.I believe diamond is still getting more kids.Atapata daughters too.

  4. Joseph Lugakingira : December 28, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Parents Differences Whatever Big They are, Should not be Allowed to Spill over to the Kids, it’s Very Bad For their Future Psychologically..
    I Know Hard it is , But They Both Should Let loose Their Egos for the Future of Their Lovely and Innocent Kids

    • Diamond has a lot of ego u can’t expect zari to put kids in a hand of strangers to bring u the kids ,its just so impossible,but watarudiana tu

  5. Zari and Diamond stop punishing your kids kutokana na differences zenu , wanafaa kupata love from both sides ,
    Alafu Diamond na we sio mtoto mdogo yafaa ukumbuke uko na watoto place .

  6. Diamond please show love and care for your children they need you

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