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Zari harshly battles it out with blogger, Jay Maudaku regarding a haunted King Bae

September 20, 2019 at 10:28
Zari harshly battles it out with blogger, Jay Maudaku regarding a haunted King Bae

Mrs M, Zari Hassan is irate with the rate at which critics can’t tame their content that is nothing but lies.

Zari Hassan has been up and about the world, crossing continents, water bodies and boundaries, with a tan of events to be a part of.

Well, we all know by now how the rumor gang operates, they spot something small and they already seem to have figured it all out.

So now, Zari is on their plate as they believe they have finally unmasked her mysterious King Bae in a photo where she looks pretty close with a bodied man.

Zari and her hubby, Mr M

Tanzanians unearthed a man who apparently took a photo with Zari and the two seem pretty close. Too close for anything but friendship.

What the netizens have found out is that the man is strong in the face. The photo shared by Tanzanian blogger, Jay Maudaku, captions:

Huyu ndo KingBae? Mbona ana Sura Pasonooo😂😂😂 Mama Sjui kashikwa wapi hapoo kalegea mpaka Jicho kafunga😝😝😝😝

But seems like Zari is not calling it bluff this time round, it’s an offense that has hit the most vulnerable spot of her being and has come out guns blazing.

Through her Insta stories, she indirectly slams the blogger:

Wakosa kazi mkikosa umbea mnanzisha uongo. Kwaanzia leo kila mtu ni kingbae. Apo VIP? Tafteni kazi sasa.


The reason why sometimes I don’t even want photos or videos with people.  I was doing videos with everyone it was a social event. Now, someone has to screen grab and start a story. King Bae wasn’t here in Chicago. When you don’t do it, she [Jay Maudaku] is so rude. When you do it, it also become an issue. Omuntu akoleki




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