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Zari Hassan fires back at fan who claimed she’s always idle

October 31, 2018 at 15:09
Zari Hassan fires back at fan who claimed she's always idle

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had to bash a fan with an unexpected reply after he claimed that she’s always idle.

According to the fan, the socialite has been spending too much time on social media and needs to find a real job.

Zari however, fired back at the fan with a savage reply saying that he has subscribed to all her Instagram posts but complains she’s idle.

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Zari kwani hauna kazi ya kufanya muda wote uko online,” the fan asked.

“Kwanza we ndo umewasha notification uone kila niki post, unajuaje niko online, Kwani we kazi unayo? Kazi nikuona Zari kapost nini,” Zari fired back.


Zari has more than once fired back (if it’s her) to fans who have tried to throw shade to her on her own platform. But we all know the account has a manager so maybe it’s not her after all.





  1. bna mldvirce na diamond

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