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Zari Hassan should write a female dating strategy guide

July 06, 2020 at 11:46
Zari Hassan should write a female dating strategy guide

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Zari is one of the women who managed to finesse the system and ended up with not one, but two high-value, high net worth men.

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You see, Zari first started out with some random DJ whom we all left behind in the past. But he had status and clout and he allowed her to begin to interact with some other men such as Ivan Ssemwanga.


From here, she branch swung to Ivan and the two began their family together. Zari gave this man four sons. There were some problems that started to crop up in their marriage and after he passed on, Zari was all too eager to intimate that domestic violence was one of the issues. Anyway, she moved on to some other random man who leaked her sextape when they broke up.

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But that was all before she started dating and she essentially settled down with Diamond Platnumz. The Tanzanian superstar gave her all the clout she previously only had (in minute measure) in Uganda.


When Diamond Platnumz began dating Zari, her status rose to a point where an otherwise no-name, talentless lady (within the scope of entertainment) could have ever dreamed to achieve. When you look at Zari’s Instagram account for instance, she gained so many followers after she started dating the singer.
Yes, she has had a great hand in growing that following especially since she and the artist went their separate ways but this is also why she insists on always mentioning Mondi and their personal lives.

Zari Hassan remains unapologetic for reconciling with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

But when it comes to rating, it must be said, Zari Hassan has a thing or two to teach any woman across East Africa. You see, a recently divorced mother of four whose sextape was online managed to date a superstar whose star was on the ascent and then she ended up getting pregnant by him and enjoyed boring off his clout.


In the meantime, there are women half Zari’s age who only have deadbeat baby daddies to show for their dating acumen. We have celebrities who have attempted using her strategies but because there were no pointers, they failed and fell short of her glory. look at the lady who thought she had surmounted Zari, Hamisa Mobetto. How did their situation end?

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If Zari were to put out dating strategies, she could foreseeable become a multi-billionaire because we live in a world that is still aware of her dating prowess and she can always flaunt her success. So any woman who wants to successfully trap a talented, good looking simpleton can borrow from her pages.

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