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Zari Hassan unfollows Mama Diamond Platnumz

February 01, 2018 at 09:04
Zari Hassan unfollows Mama Diamond Platnumz

Is Zari and Bi Sandra beefing again?

Well, word has it that Zari Hassan has finally unfollowed her mother Inlaw on Instagram a couple of weeks after unfollowing Diamond Platnumz.

Looking through the list of people Zari is following on Instagram, it’s evident to see that she no longer follows the lady. This is however not the first time for the mother of 5 is pulling such a stunt.

Mama Dangote chooses Hamisa over Zari

About a year ago, rumor had it that Mama Diamond Platnumz had been pushing Hamisa to her son.

This is how the Video vixen gained access to Diamond Platnumz bedroom and got herself pregnant.

Apparently this was all planned by the mother of the singer who was not in good terms with Zari at the time.

Beef between Zari and mama Dangote

Things seem to be going back in reverse now that Zari Hassan is distancing herself from Diamond Platnumz.





  1. Is it possible for me to send stories in your site and how do I get your email.kindly reply.

  2. Mercy Kasyoka : February 1, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Zari should just walk out,the embarrassment is too much

  3. Diamond and the mother need to style up honestly

  4. This family needs prayer…i just wonder how they live

  5. Do not believe everything on to social media caz this aint real life some tym things are done to pull pipos attention,other wise this should stop caz pipo r trying to copy wat others are doing. Hawa ni vioo vya jamii kwaninin wanafanya issues za hivi what r they teaching us.

  6. eeee! repeat please

  7. Zari,the boss lady.always classic.what I can say is that u r more a woman any man can ever get.u r not worthy what u r passing through

    • He he he weather class or not no one is supposed to cheat..I’m wondering how many people cheat in a Minute? Zari knew very well about Islam that’s not cheating…

  8. Zari move on.You are a woman with your respect.Dont allow the world to ground you.You can still lead a happy life without drama.Say no to bullshit.

    • Zari was happy when All social media wrote about her Dating Diamond Platnumz &She was laughing [email protected] of course the loudest girl always Win.Let her enjoy her hardworking .How you get is how you lose him Hamisa has always been there+many others…she’s the Slay cartoon here

  9. Hayo ndo maisha ya wasanii wetu

  10. Medias these days especial social media, and new papers speculate faulse/fake media that can easy take pipo attention for their own benefit. So don swallow everything they feed you, b’coz others are not fresh…. Chaooo!

  11. Sometime U can judge it was the scandal or what

  12. Good mama mond

  13. This is crazy when you are a mother think before anything daimond mother is evil lady take a look at any women going out with her son she’s there and go back and push her against a nother did his mother think it’s crazy because is there with her kids and she’s have everything come on zari move on with this evil lady go don’t turn back please

  14. Don’t look back zari move on please you have everything

  15. When all the Pretty wife’s “slay queens” looking pretty in the house,What does Men do out there? Everyone I mean everyone is cheating just look around.

  16. "Mnafik ni mamako aliyekuzaa!" Zero chills as Mama Diamond Platnumz tells a male fan - Ghafla!Kenya : February 21, 2018 at 5:15 pm

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