Zari Hassan’s allegedly now involved with a rich South African tycoon who owns several gold mines

February 21, 2018 at 08:22
Zari Hassan's allegedly now involved with a rich South African tycoon who owns several gold mines

For Zari Hassan to walk away from Diamond Platnumz it only meant that she had found someone better. However, we don’t have enough details about her Mr X who has lately been spoiling her with gifts.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Zari Hassan did confirm that there is a Mr X somewhere; He even sent her flowers and an IPhone X on Valentine’s Day.

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Mr X unveiled

Sources close to the lady have apparently started spilling the beans; and Zari is now allegedly involved in a rich South African tycoon.

Judging from a new paper shared by Millard Ayo; the tycoon is said to own several gold mines and if anything; he plans to relocate Zari and her children to live abroad.

If this is true then now Diamond Platnumz will not live in peace – especially after Zari finds a better man to take care of her and the kids.




  1. Woie zari pliz give diamond the last chance,if he won’t change now you canchange his relationship pliz I luv you ad yr family,zari kati ya maedem wrote Wa diamond you are the most beautiful Na sio choacha asikuletee,coz also he had nothing special.

  2. so diamond was wrong and zari decide to move on so fast .that means both were cheating but now who suffers of course its the children if zari gets into another relationship its not OK but the same way the tycoon saw zari the same way he will see another woman somewhere. life is too short diamond deserves a chance coz no one is perfect not even one!

    • Why do you think diamond cannot do without Zari

    • How many chance once you get money and fame you forget family men life is short respect your wife your baby mama one day you will remember each time you waste

    • How I wish Zari sees your comment cause it makes sense.
      Let Zari not hurt the young kids from Diamond too cause there dad is still alive….
      The parent will never get to know the kind of happiness there kids get whenever they see them together in love.
      Madam Zari reconsider ……..

      • Salt, the man is in africa, the woman is africa, yet he does not have time for his children busy dating and flirting. How about the children knowing how their father is a he goat.

    • How do you know she was cheating? besides why should diamond drug keep cheating on her making look like she is desperate. Only the other day pple were busy saying how diamond is young. If zari decides to move on, now she has been cheating. Diamond is spoilt for choice of goodies let him continue f… and giving women children. Wema, Tunda, Hamisa ………… the list is endless. Wacha Zari apate comfort not heart attack.

    • What is she supposed to do? Wear rag clothes and moan the loss of a fa man whore while she has other men who are ready to please her? Welcome to the modern world…

      • Zari has a golden heart. She raised her late husband’s kids like her own. She loves unconditionally. Siring 5 children when you are a celeb is quite a strength. Her love for children (other beings)is amazing. You deserve good in this world. Life begins at 40. I doubt diamond will ever forget Zari. He will always be haunted by her love. I doubt if any one will readily fit into Zari’s shoes in the life of Diamond

    • What!!!? So Diamond behaviour is justified n Zari not? Get real that guy disrespected her.

  3. team Boss lady. diamond had several chances he blow them. one man’s lose is another’s gain. go Zari.

  4. zari this is not the time for you to move from one man to another one pliz as you have decided to be a strong women live a life that will be a role model to your kids.

    • Annie, Which one man to another. Is the man ready? or will zari be locking herself indoors and she is attacked on media by the so called diamonds women. Simple because she had children with diamond. She is also flesh and blood.

    • being strong does not mean sit a mop…it also means deciding on what makes you jhappy and doing it no matter what others think. Girl..thats a boss move. Yes move on to better, for those that took you forgranted, they can kiss the back of your head. a boss has to do whats to be done.

  5. Love is something natural if created breaks fast thus the boss lady should deserve her dignity but not to move to another man

    • Hopetumain,if you are the one being abused by dimaond’s sisters, girlfriends and they mud sling calling you funny names and you have business that calls for respect and dignity, what would yo do you YOLO.

  6. let’s clap hands to Zari very good he don’t hv anything special ua unique Zari do as u wish mxuuuu komesha ya viburi

  7. Diamond is very stupid he had many chances with zari and he blew it himself he only thinks with his willy ND not his brains he deserves to be left with his list for women who don’t even reach the class zari has.

  8. diamond,zari she is not the only beautiful girl in tanzania so if she has choose to move on with another man you to men just move on with your life i pray you will find a better wife to be with you

    • Dennooh, How to you gauge a better wife. A socialite, a brown, black one which. a wife is a wife otherwise most women would not be married.

  9. Why do we keep on praising fornication and adultery ? Jesus Christ of Nathareth

  10. Just a normal thing..

    zari enjoy your life time as you can.

  11. Zari move on your are a mother of 5 your children need you remember kavera is everywhere go girl your beautiful and respectful
    Diamond ni paka hutapika akalamba

  12. If really zari is a wealthy lady as she claims to be then why is she loitering from one man to another seeking assistance to raise up her five kids.she’s over 40yrs why can’t she enjoy her wealth without a support from men bosslady indeed nonsense

    • Juliette, What zari needs is love not money. With the kind of wealth she has she can getbuy what she wants but there is one thing that she needs companion. someone to say i love you.Sio someone who says, i am sperm donor. wacha wivu.

    • Let be clear on her age. She is not 40 years of age. She deserve to be happy. Money is not happiness. Why do you want her to sit alone? That is the topical AFRICAN mentality. One you are in your thirties life stop for you. In the USA women in their fifties are having children. Women are marry to men 15 years younger. Africa we need to change how we think

      • Life begins at 40. First hand experience. very one needs company. even nuns. The bible says ” i created them man and woman” and also ” it is not good for man to be alone” that is both man and woman. besides, how old is old. If old is Zari’s age then our grannys should stop living with our grandfathers. Seek homes else where. BUT THE BIG QUESTION IS ” HOW OLD IS OLD”

      • Siku zote ukisema NI CHA NINI mwenzako ywasema NITAKIPATA LINI zari just go on with your life na huyo Mr X

      • A woman cannot get kids at 50 unless medically assisted or it’s a miracle!so don’t mislead us coz we don’t live in the USA!

    • even if zari was over 40, who says she does not a man companion? if diamond is daily in bed with different women let zari be happy if her new find will give her that peace of mind and respect. go zari go

    • Sweetie…. sex is a basic need… Her Ex husband’s life insurance is 10 M dollars and that is enough to take care of her and the children…. Everyone needs to feel loved and cuddled… She is not looking for financial assistance at all… She started dating Diamond before he made it big…. Let her get some sexual pleasure as she wishes… And I will advise divorced and widowed women to do the same… Diamond is a joke…. He started with his spiteful comments on the media that he is single.. It’s ooooon from here…Yes, mr. X sent her flowers and IPhone X…

    • U mean rich people dont find love? So for u money can act as a husband? God created love for a reason

    • Oooh my Goodness??????…Whatta shame??? A rich woman doesn’t need a partner she can go back to after work?? She needs a man to praise her…spoil her…kiss her…make love to…go out with…laugh with….
      Is she supposed to buy toys to take care of her private business?? Why is the world so mean to single mothers?….
      Its not always Money…but for LOVE N COmpANION.

    • Relationships matters a lot wealthy is nothing without your patiner she need someone who will tell her in the morning darling I love you period and thank God she is luck no time wasted congratulations sari your strong and beautiful women

  13. “Nataka Kulewa” From one of Diamond Platinumz old release! Mgema kalinywa pombe lake mwenyewe.

    • Remember in his song “Sikomi”he also sings in one of the verses:”Kafumania,naye Kafumaniwa” literally translated:he caught the Lover cheating red-handed as hell was caught cheating red-handed!

  14. Seniormachambo : February 21, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    keep on moving Zari, you deserve to decide what is good for you.

    Guys! lets respect ones decision. we are just followers Diamond’hear and Zari’s knows much than we do.

  15. y’all don’t know how to speak good english..lmao damn…stoked on how I’m reading these comments…and lol..diamond should cheat.more because that’s our nature as men 🙂

    • men cheat yes, but with respect not so openly, diamond in a way was kind of showing off that he is a man with means and little did he know that once a woman says enough, she means enough is enough and we women never look back. so zari got humiliated a thousand times by diamond, sister and mother-in-law eventually she thought,” what the heck am I doing?” of course she had many men admirers but because she is not the type of opening her legs to a different man when she is in a relationship, she now weighed her options and decided to let madale become a state lodge

    • What nature ? Give a a very good reward that as a man you have received by cheating. You should show us a medal that you have received. So what after F… many women, does it add you extra money or extra years to live. On an extra Kilo on your ………. nonsense.

    • Shame on u

  16. forever in their life we didn’t excited so let them be free and performe what they thought

  17. we don’t run away from problems within our surroundings, we solve them. Men will be men, If at all, Zari thinks that tycoon is better than Diamond, then that’s so delusional. Better the devil you know than the angel you no nothing about. Zari it’s time you show your mature womanhood by facing such problems but not running away.!

    • sorry, zari do NOT even entertain the slightest chance of getting back with diamond. Remember how mange kimambi tore zari into pieces that zari is a desparate old woman who will never be able to find someone with money like diamond, am happy for zari even if her new find is not as rich but can love and give zari the respect she deserves then am sure zari is and will be happy with that. diamond is now free to sleep with all women in every country he goes to host his shows freely without worrying about old zari. hahahaha who will have the last laugh? Esma, mother-in-law or the many women that are after diamond’s cash??

    • Tell this to your daughter when she comes to you crying that her husband is cheating… Then you be ready to place a wreath over her grave once the kills her wth HIH..

    • John. What do you mean by men will always be men. Ain’t there other men who do these things quietly, without showing that they are the only ones that have tails. They are many for your information but they are not caught with their pants down. So, no sorry case. But this one of diamond is a show case. Better a man who will go all lengths to make sure his wife or fiancee does not know his side dish. Diamonds is obvious and he does this intentionally and even tell the whole world that one chick is as sweet as sugar, kidogo goes for the same chik’s younger sister.

    • John , sorry even that diamond was once an angel and Ivan a devil Zari knew.

    • Diamond Gold, Wrong. Let me correct you it did not start with Zari. It started with Wema Sepetu and before Zari there were others like Delish mathews, Auntie, etc and after zari, Hamisa, Tunda, Wema again etc DIAMOND IS THE PROBLEM. Maybe it is a ritual for making money.

    • John, how do you face video vixens who are busy flirting when you have a lot to attend to as in business and taking care of the children? There are things you cannot face because the plan is to always bring you down. And the one who is creating problems keep bringing one problem after another. Before you solve the first one, there is always a second one and the list goes on.

  18. U should first ask urself what makes mond’s list of women endless. The problem here is not DIAMOND.. Zari is the cause.

    • Diamond Gold, Wrong. Let me correct you it did not start with Zari. It started with Wema Sepetu and before Zari there were others like Delish mathews, Auntie, etc and after zari, Hamisa, Tunda, Wema again etc DIAMOND IS THE PROBLEM. Maybe it is a ritual for making money.

      • Answer lies in:”Kafumania nami Kafumaniwa……lakini Sikomi…” He caught his “Lovers in action with other men,and he too was caught the “Zaris” screwing some of those fucks you’ve listed!

  19. Baby move on but be care full my dia live that disrespecting husband diamond just move on

  20. Diamond has fed up wth old pu$$¥. Let him search 4 the young & fresh one, the one that suits his age..

    • Diamond, which one is fresh, All that list, even his other baby mama has another baby from previous relationship and after diamond another. Like wise all of them have hen flaunting different men at different times. Tell us which one do you find fresh?

  21. They’re all rich , celebs and they can get whatever shits they wanna in life so …….let them live however the hell they want .

    Living that fucking life will sometime prove that either one or the other was playing the wrong game or was again sting the best players in the pitch . Meanwhile , i personally love Diamond Platinumz and could ask him to be in touch with his kids coz children are so precious in life . I wish each of them to be happier in their next page after separation

  22. Wat goes around kams around

  23. SAA zingine mwanaume akitaka kukuacha hatakuambia ataanza tu dharau mondi angekuaa kumuoa z angekua alifanya vle zama zleee

  24. Nice article on Zari … guys visit to full story about this man

  25. He is just a silly rugged gutter minded dude…even though he seems doing well in life I think upstair in the nerve that supplies sense aint working…how can you cheat to the kind of lady like zari.. .then just like a stupid moron..the dude need cheating classes..I agree one can cheat but not like a brat and go down damn the streets blabbering your the King?…niggah which King losses his queen?….let see how these low life like hím he is cheating with to
    how long hé they roll together.

  26. Sasa kama huyu mwanamke ni msomi kwanini afanye hivi jamani.tena,kina tiffah jamani ndio ambao wataumia na kuteseka.Ni Isilver.

  27. Afandehassan : July 1, 2018 at 5:17 am

    Washa Zari nafrahi ….washa natumia ntukunyema yake ilete mali saidi

  28. Loula-Nesiko Ali : July 2, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    karma hit zari big. shes feeling the same way ivan did. she left ivan for diamond, ivan loved her and their 3 sons then. see now what diamond did. i can only smack lips at those feeling pity for zari. as for diamond, hes pipe will blow biggest, watch the space

    • She seems to have been out for”Young,fresh flesh”!I wonder how old the new catch is?! hope she’s realized”old is Gold”,not pocketwise or walletwise!by the way what about the Goldmine owner’s “Exes”??;is he a “Virgin”??! What happened between him and them??! Any Kids?! Just curious,Hyuk!

  29. kwani Diamond ni nini maishani? He is not GOLDEN savior 4 eternity let zari enjoy her life but siku ya kiama atatoa vile alichezea mwili wake

  30. MIKEDERRICK : July 21, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    for real that is un important step that zari took i want to congratualate you zari for cooming into your sinses may God bless that relation

  31. kengele msanii : August 20, 2018 at 8:53 am

    oops,what kind of a lady is this? allowing all men a round the world to sleep with her, shame on you zari n respect your self considereing also your age, have morals and behave like an African woman, i thought Ugandan women have morals. you are still a looser n wen taken to UK usilete kiherehere kwa Vicktor Wanyama wetu

  32. Ur right because sometimes we don`t analyze how we meet our loved ones. There are some people like the SA tycoon who jst need to exploit others for what they have, but not that they intend to love someone. Most of times people love someone basing on their class. If they move to the next level, they want to be with someone on that level too, leaving behind of previous level. So, Zari, u need to see that its jst a deception in the eyes of the Tycoon,but not to bring u the happiness u deserve. Diamond is doing his best to make ur life and his children happy all the days. Plz Zari, go back to ur man, Diamond, he is the best for u. Not all times a man can be perfect, understanding him is all needed

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