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“Zari warned me to stay away from her man!” Tanzanian model speaks

February 19, 2020 at 16:29
“Zari warned me to stay away from her man!” Tanzanian model speaks

One Nelly Kamwelu a Tanzanian model and miss Universe 2011 recently revealed how Zari reached out asking her to stay away from Diamond Platnumz.

This is apparently after a video of Nelly kissing Baba Tiffah surfaced online raising many questions. However the model now says that she was just friends with Diamond Platnumz from way back!

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Miss Universe 2011, Nelly Kamwelu

Speaking during a recent interview, Nelly opened up for the first time saying;

Actually that time Nasseb (Diamond) ni mtu wangu and I knew him long time ago tangu nyimbo yake ya nataka kulewa and he is like a brother and me and him had nothing between us. Hata ile kuhug na kiss it was not a big deal na watu wengi wanajua hic ho kitu, but what made it complicated ni kwamba Zari kaniDM, but nukamwambia kama ningemkata ningekuwa nay eye long time maana tulikuwa very close people na kama kungekuwa kuna kitu basi naseeb hangeweka ile video kwa page yake if there was something between. Nakumbuka aliniDM saying what I was doing was not good jumping on other people’s Men, but nikamjibu kuwa there is nothing going on between us and also you should not be worried about me, but kuna mtu amabaye namjua who you should be worried about.

Nelly Kamwelu


According to the lady, Zari was just acting out of insecurities and if indeed she wanted to ruin the relationship; Nelly says she could have told Zari who to worry about since she was aware of Diamond Platnumz side chick back then.

I think I ilikuwa Rakky alitu introduce kutikwa kwenye his Photo studio, akisema I help him get models and na ile concept ya nyimbo yake ya Nataka Kulewa, so from that time ndo tukaanza kuwa friends.

Zari Hassan serving body goals in blue bikini

She then went on to add that;

Baada ya Zari kunitext , I reached out to Diamond telling him I’m not comfortable your woman ananitext and we are just friends and he promised to talk to her ili na yeye to understand our friendship. So from that it also left me wondering kwamba kila mtu ambaye watasema anatoka na Naseeb she will go around DMing them, inaonyesha kuwa kidogo yuko insecure to do that.





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