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Zari’s reaction after hearing her Madale home has been turned to a lodging

January 18, 2018 at 08:09
Zari's reaction after hearing her Madale home has been turned to a lodging

If Zari’s Snapchat posts are anything go by then Diamond Platnumz must have some explanation to do.

A few hours ago a lady believed to be Tunda’s sister shared a video showing off Madale on her Instagram page. This left many convinced that Diamond had been hosting ladies in his house when both his mum and Zari are away.

However the singer’s team brushed off the story saying that the young lady was a girlfriend to one of Wasafi records dancers. But even with that no one was really convinced with the story.

Zari sarcastically laughs off her pain

Well, Zari seems to have heard the rumors making rounds on social media. This time around she however did not act surprised but made sarcastic posts on Snapchat.

Looking at her posts, Zari might just have given up on her relationship but does she really learn?





  1. The truth is hard to hide

  2. She is hurting,there’s no doubt about that

  3. Diamond is unstoppable,the young ladies will finish him eventually

  4. I can imagine how she feels reading the bad stories from South Africa

  5. Dating a celebrity comes with so many heart aches,she is going through hell

  6. Follow your heart dear zari!
    Mamas are always right!

  7. Rumours are always there & they make us strong to fight against evils! Zari must not believe whatever written on social networks! Be strong Zari sometimes not what we hear are always truth!

  8. Diamond we love you to death but Bruh keep your house in order Man!
    Zari love is nolonger love when its hardwork.One day the youbg lad will give you pressure or HIV then you die young yet you still have your kids ..Leave when the world wont see you are desperate for a cock.

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  10. be strong zari.don’t give this harlots any chance. Malaya wa kawaida diamond kwa kuanya nikama kuama mji manake ww diamond be a good example to your kids sikuvua suruali kila ukiona tako.kwani wala mavi!

  11. Zari stay put if u r benefiting,,if not just call it quits..close the chapter and move on…my personal opinion……

  12. mbelele kabebate : January 18, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    she will not forget the first day when she met with platinumz

  13. am so sorry for zari for all this am seen here if it’s true this is samthing I would not expect from diamond. diamond bro am going to share out samthing with u have your limits bro and respect your family bro don’t get carried out. coz once a female says its done bro trust me you can’t get her back.

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