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Zari’s sister Asha savagely insults Diamond after the incident with Wema Sepetu

February 01, 2018 at 09:09
Zari's sister Asha savagely insults Diamond after the incident with Wema Sepetu

Diamond raised eyebrows when he rekindled his love with former girlfriend Wema Sepetu. Zari Hassan’s sister has taken issues with Diamond for the PDA with Wema Sepetu.

On Sunday 28th Wasafi record held an event to unveil their latest signing. Wema Sepetu was among several celebs who attended the WCB event at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar.

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Wema and Diamond showed public display of affection at the event. The two ex lovers publicly caressed each other and for a moment one would think they were actually dating.

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Respect your wife

Zari’s sister Asha

Zari Hassan’s sister Asha launched scathing attack on Diamond after the incident with Wema Sepetu. Asha referred Diamond as a boy who doesn’t pay attention to his family on her post on IG.

“A woman needs a man with real intentions. Not a boy who can’t pay attention,” wrote Asha.








  1. I pity Zari foreal…she has taken alot frm ths foolish boy.!

  2. Rubbish what do you want him to do to an x ….come on show love to your enemy not blast besides the are just freinds grow up asha and mind your busssines not yours sis busssines and stop being jealous or you also want him shame on you on that comment

  3. Nothing bad happened, remember wema contributed a lot on diamond success she diserve even more than that,

  4. Crazy Asha, that’s very far from infidelity. Let love lead the way!

  5. Luth kadaraja : February 1, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I like this to be happen because love can’t be hidden

  6. Growup Asha your siz is older,ni mshosho,alimukalia chapo,now the boy has has recovered his all sense!

    • You call a 38yr old shosho but you same Africans will hail Jennifer Lopez a 48yr old when she dresses half naked to the red carpet and date younger men.She may be a ‘shosho’ to you but a sexy shosho, with lots of cash to maintain na maybe your girlfriend is not half as sexy and pretty as Zari. It’s not about age here wewe!!!!

  7. Zingine ni kuweka macho

  8. Where were all this stories when diamond was starting his music jany??ama said ndo anajiona MTU sana.let him remember pride comes before a fall

  9. khamis chawky : February 1, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Acha zako diamond fanya mambo yako kaka

  10. Felix Ntahiye : February 1, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Asha acha kumchafua Mondi, now days Wema and Mondi are in normal friends don’t think more kupandikiza chuki btn Zari and Mondi by creating wrong, what are advantage are you going to harvest after your stupid posting to the social medias?!!!

  11. iv unazan kyaline alivyo mchagua mengi akumuona diamond au kina alikiba of z a boy with no attetion juc find aperson who want to settle down with on girl as fo mond z still a boy who dnt understand is own life

  12. Asha Kama nawe wataka boy njoo me nipo acha maisha ya watu fanya yako

  13. Asha who are to insult Diamond,you are over reacting for nothing, stop poisoning Zari, she is happily married n she loves his husband. Do you want to tell me that Zero doesn’t know if Diamond does dues things behind her back, the pretty gal Rwanda n many more but she is happy coz at the end of it all, Diamond will come back home n life cont, so you follow what it concerns you nn stop spoiling pretty Zari happiness Jipe shuhuli daa

  14. Belated response to the two married Leeds and keep pushing hard.

  15. Diamond anajielewa na wanapendana sanaaa so siz Aisha usigonganishe watu pambana na hali yko

  16. There’s no how you can be close with your ex,without fucking each other.In fact some watajua anajulikana kama ex but wenyewe wawili they know what the are running behind.Beside,Diamond cannot quite off with any gal they have together for fun.Kapenda raha sana mtoto wa mamake,pesa zamsumbua,sangapi amwache mwanamke? haiwezi.

    • My dia sister zari I want to tell you one thing,its either you Leave diamond uwache kuona hizi dress coz diamont can never stop dating outside.En you cant leave him then itabidi umevumilia na ukae ngumu kama jiwe,ufunge macho its like umeona like hujaona.

  17. Zari my sister let me tell you,I want to stay with diamond in that couple then lazima uvumilie.Diamond can never stop dating outdside .He has got money let him spend.At a mimi huyu nikapata iyo chance I’ll use it nicely.

  18. that is how digital love is.

  19. Sauda Machocho : February 2, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Tuma mjadala wako ili tujue mawazo yako kama umekua kiumri au bado. Kidini au kiulimwengu

  20. Tell your sister that

  21. Hahaha!!!I like that, he need to show some respect to her, coz she made him be a father, how can he do that to her now,Asha I appreciate youuu maaam just tell him!!!

  22. I think most of diamond enemies are there to make sure he is losing zari. Then they will laugh at her.

  23. Zari is too old to be Diamond only you want to kill Diamond with preza the way you kill Ivan Don with preza?? Diamond is free twitho be anybody he wants.

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