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Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with “Kwaru”

April 15, 2020 at 18:44
Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with "Kwaru"

Kwaru by the new female Wasafi signer, Zuchu, is already a talk among many. This is just a few days after releasing another hit, ‘Wana.’ A good impression to her already fans that she’s set to keep the fire burning.

Kwaru is a very interesting jam, narrating a heartbreak lyrics. Zuchu introduces the song singing how all the initial love just faded and quashed. “Roho ingekua na macho ingejionea,” indeed it could see how love fades out here. A one time closest person you had in life becomes a stranger, a number of us can testify.

Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with "Kwaru"

Kwaru is a heartbreak song

Who the people Zuchu is singing about, ‘chungu nilichopika wamepakua wenzangu.’ We can’t judge that she’s already enemies, but this applies to many relationships out here. “Kitabu chetu cha mapenzi kurasa umechanachana, hazisomeki tena tezi zimepoteza maana.” Indeed if the heart could see this coming maybe it could be different but now it’s blind.

The chorus part of the jam, explains the title. Kwaru explains how the heart has been bruised and thus hurting. Indeed it’s a broken love, love and life that once existed.

Zuchu continues the lead on how it’s hard to forget about this love. The lost love brings tears for it’s barely hard to even forget the lovers name, with sleepless nights. Thus the lover of her life just went away with her happiness. What a love narration!

Kwaru song has been well done. The lyrics are beyond explained talent, the videography itself as fans praise it, it’s world-class. The artist is already an eye-catcher to many fans for so far she’s offered the best. Keep going Zuchu and thumbs up!

Being a heartbreak song, the lady has brought out the idea so well making the jam a great hit. In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 7/10.

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