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Zzero Sufuri brings you ‘Chuki Na Doo’

July 16, 2019 at 22:54
Zzero Sufuri does it again; Chuki Na Doo

Chuki Na Doo is Zzero Sufuri’s new jam. This guy is on a releasing spree. He has shaken the internet with three jams over the weekend. Zzero Sufuri is really working so hard to keep his fans entertained.

Doo is a sheng’ word that is used to mean money in the ghetto.  Chuki Na Doo simply means that he has some beef with money.  Anyway who has got any hatred for money?

Zzero Sufuri; Songwriter, Artist; chuki na doo

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Zzero talks of how he struggles to get money but he does not get it at the end of the day; Cheki Niko na chuki na doh  Niko na chuki na doh  Niko na chuki na doh  Ju mi huzisakaga na sipati hizo doh.

Message in ‘Chuki Na Doo’

To start with, this song simply brings out what the normal youths go through in search of a livelihood. I approve this song and I feel that it has some sense.

Niko na chuki na doh, zilost nazipata kwa show Bila show siwezi pata hizo doh Kwani form hukuwa gani hizo doh zikilost. This line is kinda true to most artists. They have to get some shows for them to make money. Zzero Sufuri goes ahead to ask his fans a question.

Hatukutani ka ni ghost, tupatane kwa beta Nina was na kuzishika kuzitumia ni worse na Nalipagwa once in a month,  Once in a month ndo unafaa ulipe keja Once in a month ukiendea tenje ikue mteja Na madeni kwa duka ni kuongezeka Na hushibi kwa hoteli unadai nyongeza eeh. This one is so deep. Chuki Na Doo is just very real. Whoever advised Zzero to do this is a genius.


In addition to the great message there, the producer did a good job. Chuki Na Doo was produced by Brayo Wise  from Global Oak Media Solutions. The audio and the beats are excellent. On this one he gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the audio.

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